The Cat For You In 2018

Shelter Cat

Should 2018 be the year to adopt or buy a cat there are lots of options to choose from. Let’s discuss a few of these options and see what fits your life style. It is necessary to mention that when you bring a kitty into your home it then becomes a family member. They deserve all the necessities of life including food, shelter and health care. How long is Cat Care? It’s forever and with that the decision should be a family decision and what a perfect time to teach children respect for animals and nature.

The Cat For You In 2018

The cat for you if you have never owned a cat before is the one that picks you. Of my seven cats 4 have been rescued from outside as kittens. My big ginger boy Tenzin came from a shelter. Lacy came from a friend and Grandma Lexi came free from Kijiji.

Lexi has picked my son as her boy. She goes to him to sit and be groomed. That is how a cat picks you. When you go to the shelter you will find a cat that will be attracted to you. This is a good candidate for your home.

Kittens will adjust well to a new environment and new people. Some older cats need time to adjust and will need their space until they are ready to be comfortable in their new home.

Preparing your home for a new cat is not that much different that preparing for a baby human. I would like to direct you to my Maintaing Your Cat page for more information. A good read is my post Toxic Plants For Cats. This is required reading as a toxic plant can kill your cat in 24 hours.

Required Equipment

Before you bring your new kitty home a few required items will make your transition easier. You will need a litter box. I recommend an open box so that you will monitor the box and clean it frequently. We are using both clay and pine litter. Both are good options. The pine has a lot less product dragged outside the box, however not all the cats like it. I have never had to litter train any of my seven cats. They all used the box immediately. The only thing I did was put them in it once so the would know where it was.

A cat bed is a good idea and maybe one with a top on it so the new kitty can hide if necessary. A cat tree is a necessary part of having a cat. It will give your cat a place to scratch, play and sleep. It will save your furniture. My Cat Care Products page has lots of cat care ideas for you.

This Armarkat Cat tree is the item I have. It is a great product and has lasted very well.

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If You Have Owned A Cat Before

This discussion opens a lot of possibilities for an experienced cat owner. I also think that first time cat owners can benefit from this, its just might not be the right fit for the unsuspecting potential cat owner.

Senior Cats


This demographic can easily get overlooked when people are cat browsing. Senior cats can through no fault of their own can be in need of a loving and secure home. The shelter can be a terrifying place when a kitty has been used to a safe and secure home. The older cats may need a lot of time to socialize in a new home and may not have much patience for other cats or rough handling.

I really believe that senior cats need a chance to retire in comfort and peace. They will eventually socialize and can be as loving as any other cat. It is just necessary to be patient and give them space.

Handicapped Cats

Animal welfare

This groups of cats include the kitties with missing legs, eyes or some medical issue. These kitties get left behind and are not likely to leave some shelters. Please give these cats a chance. The handicapped capped cat does not know their are handicapped. They will play, cuddle and be as much a part of the family as any other cat.

FIV Cats

Feline FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) cats are fine to adopt and will live out their lives as long as any other cats. FIV cats are not a threat to humans and there is minimal chance of transmission to other cats unless there are open wounds or blood. It can not be transmitted through water or food bowls. I have a friend that has a rescue FIV cat and is living peacefully with several other cats. I encourage you to read my post on Feline FIV.

Bonded Pairs

I have seen recently where bonded pairs where separated at the shelter. The happy part of the story is that the new owner went back to get the other pair as the first kitty was lost without their soul mate. Yes, cats have feelings and form bonds. What greater privilege than one cat is to have two! My two kittens Ariel and Esther where rescued and raised together. They would definitely miss each other.

Rescue Your Own Cat

Mother Cat
Mum and Kittens

My friend Janet just rescued a feral female and within the week the mummy cat had four fabulous kittens. The mum had to be live trapped and is now in isolation until the vet visit. The kittens will be raised and at the appropriate time have their vaccinations, spay or neutering and then be put up for adoption. The mum will be spayed and that will be her last litter of kittens. She will then live out her life as a house cat.

I have been promoting cat rescues. There is nothing greater than saving a life and giving a cat a home. I have rescued cats of every age from kittens to seniors. I have never had the opportunity to rescue a FIV or handicapped cat, but I would if necessary. This does not mean that buying an expensive purebred cat is wrong. I would love to own a Maine Coon, American Bobtail or Ragdoll. These cats are wonderful and if they have a good home that’s just fine. Watch the shelters web pages for your desired breed of cat.

There Is No Such Thing As Just A Cat


What magnificence is the cat! All cats are special and deserve good homes. It’s people that are irresponsible and don’t provide the care and thought necessary to control cat populations. Animal abuse is a result of considering things more important that the living things of the earth. Some people should not have pets to look after especially if they are considered a disposable item to be dumped in the country to fend for themselves.

I am grateful to the veterinarians, rescuers, shelters that look to find homes and everyone that will take the time out of their lives to rescue a cat.

It is not just about cats, dogs, horses, birds and reptiles have all been dumped and abused. How long is animal care? It’s FOREVER.

Remember your pets in your will. Be sure that your family members have options should they ever be left alone. It’s heart breaking when your cat ends up in the shelter because there was no one to take them over.

That’s my story for today. Please check my Cat Care Products page for all your cat care needs. Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.


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I Love My Cat – Don’t Let Them Get Fat

Overweight Cat

Obesity in cats’ is becoming an ongoing problem. Today we will look at the factors contributing to feline obesity and what a person can do about it.

Poor diets and a sedentary lifestyle can promote obesity in cats’.

Recognizing Feline Obesity

To determine if your cat is overweight it is easy to start just by handling the kitty. By starting at the ribs a person should be able to feel the ribs under a thin layer of fat. As you look at your cat from above can you see a defined waist line? One of the obvious signs of an overweight cat is the side view. As your cats’ walks does their belly swing from side to side? There should be a defined line up ward line from the belly to the hips.

If your kitty is starting to get dirty at their back end this is probably due to your overweight cat not being able to reach around to clean themselves.

A visit to the vet is a good option at this time. Most overweight cats’ are a result of a quiet lifestyle and a poor quality and managed diet. The vet visit will rule out any underlying health issues and then it is the responsibility of the cat owner to manage a weight loss diet.

I love my cat and I can’t let them get fat. Overweight cats’ are at risk of several medical conditions including diabetes and just like us humans there are heart problems from carrying extra weight. Overweight cats’ have to carry excessive weight obviously which can lead to orthopedic problem such as joint issues and arthritis

Why Is My Cat Fat

Overweight Cat

I mentioned in the previous paragraph that a sedentary lifestyle and diet contribute to an overweight cat. Neutering contributes to this condition due to hormonal changes. Most of my cats’ are house bound with little exercise other than chasing each other and human interaction. I try to provide cat toys and cat nip to give them stimulation. Two of my cats’ are allowed outside on leashes with guided supervision.

As with humans weight control or lack of begins with diet and the quality of diet we consume. The difference being that humans can make conscious decisions to control their weight. Our cats’ need our input to have control of their diet.

The Natural Cat

If we consider the cat in a natural environment we would see that the cat would eat several small meals several times a day as a hunter. It is then better to consider feeding our house bound kitties 2 to four times a day of approximately 1 oz of food per meal. I personally use a good quality human grade wet cat food for our cats’. Follow this link to my Maintaining your Cat for two great articles on cat food.

Cats Are Obligate Carnivores


Cats must eat meat. It is a biological necessity as it is required by every cat to eat vitamin B 12 from meat sources. Cats do not have the carbohydrate- digesting enzyme, Amylase. This means that cats’ are not meant to be a carbohydrate consumers. Hence, the problem with never ending bowls of dry cat kibble. Dry cat foods have high levels of fillers such as flour and sugars to hold the dry food consistency. This puts our cats’ at a high risk of weight gain because of the cats’ inability to process the high carbohydrate content.

Cat Treats

Commercial cat treats are a poor reward. Grocery store cat treats are designed to be irresistible to cats’ and thus they crave them. Cat treats made from grains, food coloring, plus flavor enhancers are a recipe for adding to your cats’ overweight problem. Some cat treats may contain propylene glycol which is toxic to cats’. It is used to absorb excess water from processed cat foods. It is necessary to become a label reader to avoid giving our cats’ unhealthy treats.

We have trained our cats’ to demand treats. They vocalize for them and we naturally can not resist giving in. If we must give treats buy good natural products from a descent Pet Food store or we can prepare bits of cooked chicken or fish to satisfy our cats’ cravings.

This way we can control our overweight cats’ diet. Your vet will weigh your cat and at this point a person can decide the feeding schedule and amount for your cat. If you are feeding multiple cats’ it mat be necessary to isolate the fast eaters from the group and watch out for the one that cleans up all the left overs. My girl Lacy really likes to take her time and eat alone. My boy Soxs will push others out their bowls and I have seen him push my Husky, China out of her bowl.

In closing the diet topic when you have determined that it is time to start a weight reduction program the trip to the vet is the first point of contact. It must be resolved that there are no underlying health issues. Then a proper and gradual diet change is necessary with the required doctor visits and weigh in to check progress. No Crash Diets.


Overweight catIt is not that hard to give your kitties exercise. The laser light will provide hours of fun for your cat. Be careful not to shine it in the cats’ eyes and it should be used by a responsible person. Ball toys are a hit at my house and I have a couple listed on my Cat Care Products Page. With my seven cats’ there are lots of chasing among some cats’, while the older females are harder to amuse.

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Today’s featured product is the Cat Exercise Wheel. Give your cat the ability to run indoors.

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That’s my story for today. The information provided here is for educational purposes and is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Please follow this link to my Cat Care Products page for your Cat Care needs.

Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.


We are a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites.