Babies and Cats

I have nine animals in the house. I have lived with these animals for several years and I feel that I understand every one fairly well. I know their quirks and moods. I know when they have had enough attention and when just to leave them be. The point of all this is that even though I trust my cats and dogs a lot I would never leave them unattended with an infant or toddler. When my cats play they can get pretty rough. They will hug your arm and bite while bunny kicking with their back feet. Its all great fun until it hurts and the cat does not want to quite. I can defend my self. An infant can not. So be careful and monitor your infant at all times. I think it is great that a child can grow up with a furry friend around. I think it makes children healthier and with parental guidance a child can be taught to respect living things.  It would be a tragedy if something ugly happened and that cat or dog was severely punished for some thing that could be avoided. When my son was a toddler we adopted a big beautiful Samoyed dog. We monitored closely and that dog lived with us for the rest of his life. His name was Charlie.

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