Cat Care – A Personal Guide

Hello everyone. I took Tenzin to the groomer to get some mats removed. How do you get a big cat into the carrier that does not like going into the carrier? You take a nice big towel and place it over his head and front feet, wrap him up a little bit and just slide him into the carrier. Getting him out was harder. A person just has to watch that his feet don’t get hooked in the door. The groomer put a mask on him and he was a good boy for the whole session. We got his nails done and his ears cleaned and a good grooming.

There is a noticeable personality change among all the cats recently. Tenzin wants to play more now and he is sitting for brushing. I hope we can keep the mats down now. His hair is so fine it will mat in two days. Ariel is the same way, but he always loved getting brushed.

Have a great day and do something green for the planet.


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