Cat Care – Alexis Update

Todays post deals with Alexis’s diet. About two weeks ago Lexi would vomit after almost every meal. After some study about diets we concluded that our cat food was inadequate. We quit the grocery store cat foods and went to a human quality canned wet food. We had to try several different flavors until we found something that everybody eats.  The above link is an excellent discussion on what goes into pet food. We also quit feeding Temptations cat treats. The other six cats ate these with no visible problems other than what underlying health issues I might be subjecting the cats too. Now Lexi has supper and she has not vomited for two weeks. Good food is expensive, vet bills are more expensive. If the diet did not resolve the problem she would be going to the vet for an examination possibly dealing with gastrointestinal problems. This has been the second time we reevaluated our feeding program.  I will keep everyone posted on Lexi’s progress. If you would like more discussion on this please leave a comment at the bottom.

Movie Review


This is a fantastic movie about a family living with dozens of large jungle cats. It has been considered the most dangerous film shoot in history. Its a movie that should be watched at least once. I loved the big cats. It will teach us that living with a large cat is not easy or something that a layman should do. On my Products page there will be a link to purchase the movie.

That’s my story for today. Good food makes for happy cats. Hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. I want to thank all my readers. Please leave a comment below.


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