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Todays post is about cat carriers. A necessary accessory to any cat owner. I have used my carrier a lot lately with trips to the groomer and the vet. There is nothing harder than getting a scared cat out from under the car seat. The picture above is of Ariel. He is a perfect illustration of a timid cat that does not like to travel. The carrier provides piece of mind while you drive and limits any distractions that might cause you trouble. We have seven cats and there is a carrier for each cat. This is necessary in case we have to evacuate for any reason. It would hard to put two cats to a carrier. We have hard carriers and soft carriers. Both are good. I will put examples of each in my Products page. If your cat is afraid of being put into the carrier just wrap the kitty in a large towel and put him in. Its easy and will prevent the frustration and scratches of putting a frightened cat into a box. When you take the kitty out just be careful you don’t  hook a leg in the door. It should be that easy. I have seen people give up when kitty will not cooperate.

For those of you that like to hike with your feline there are back packs and strollers for getting your cat out doors. I have never used these items but I would think that if they don’t like getting in it you probably should not do it. The trick here is training with short trips and few distractions. Older cats might not ever get used to hiking while if you start training a kitten early it just might work out. My girl Roxanne loves going out and would probably love hiking. Now that there is snow on the ground she only likes going out for a few minutes. Some cats prefer staying in.

In closing carriers for your cat are necessary for your cat and for your peace of mind. A trip to the vet will far less traumatic if you don’t have to fight your cat. One last note, a blanket in the hard carrier make a more comfortable ride for your cat and you can use it to put the kitty back in.

That’s my story for today. Hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. Please leave a comment or question and I will get back to you.


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