Cat Care – Cat Harness

That’s Roxanne out side in her harness. The two cats I take out will not go out side without a harness. I use a 25 foot leash and when I let them free roam I can always see where they are. I never leave them unattended.

Some cats respond well to the harness. Roxanne even puts her head up to let me put it on. If you are thinking about leash training your cat, start early and in short no stress periods. Have a good hold on the leash your first time outside and be ready for anything. If your cat gets scared it will bolt and be hard to control. Wear a jacket and gloves and be ready to hold on tight. If you think your cat will need extra control use a more full coverage harness so you don’t choke your cat. I don’t use collars.

Please check my Products page for two of the many types of harnesses available.

It’s fun taking your cat outside. Be careful and start slow and be prepared for anything. That’s my story for today. Hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. Please leave a comment and have a great day.


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