Cat Care – Christmas Pet Safety Tips

Happy December 22 every one. Todays guest cat is Snowbelle. She is 12 year old darling who is the boss of the house. Snowbelle like to go outside when its nice but prefers to stay in with her mum. Apparently this kitty just wondered in one day and stayed. Snowbelle is from Manitoba, Canada.

Christmas Pet Safety Tips

This post is a repeat of an earlier post and at this busy time of year the information is worth hearing again.  During the holiday season it’s nicer to just enjoy the moment with out having to spend time at the vet. A few pet proofing tips will make your Christmas moment more fun.

The Christmas Tree

Have a sturdy stand and avoid garlands and string ornaments. String ingestion for a cat or dog is serious and requires a visit to the vet or surgery in a worst case scenario. Do not let your pets ingest tree needles, real or artificial and don’t let them drink the water from the tree. Be careful of the plants brought into the house this time of year. Some Christmas plants are very toxic. Do a google search for animal toxicity if you are not sure. Here is a list.

The Stove

Watch that your cats don’t sit on a hot stove element or run into he oven. We always put a pot of cold water on a hot element to let it cool so the kitty doesn’t step on it while checking out all the great smells. While on the subject of cooking watch that cooking string is disposed off  to prevent that cat or dog from eating it. Cooked poultry bones are dangerous to animals because they splinter into sharp pieces and will pierce the animals insides. No chocolate for any fur baby.

In closing I want to remind everyone that the most common cause of house fires this time of year is poor wiring, like extension cords or to many items on one circuit and unattended cooking.

That’s my story for today. I want to thank all Cat Care readers for your support and have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. Hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.



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