Cat Care – Esther’s Post Surgery Monitoring

Esther’s post surgery monitoring starts today and will be necessary for the next week or so. The photo above shows that her neck was shaved probably where the initial blood test was taken and where the anesthetic went in. The incision is clean and her belly is shaved. She will get two mornings of pain killers with breakfast and I have to watch for swelling and infection. When Roxanne was spayed she had an infection and got antibiotics a week later. Please click on Roxanne above to see the post on her surgery. It is recommended to keep the kitty quiet, but that will impossible for many reasons.  It is quite likely she will heal up and there will be no action required. Along with the surgery she had her nails done and got her ear tattooed. I really like tattoos. Sometimes you have to look deep into the ear, but its an obvious ownership mark. I was also told that Esther was getting over weight. To me just to look at her I never would of thought that, but during surgery it was noted there was excess fat. Diet time for everybody.

When I took Esther to the vet she was nervous and scared. She cried all the way to the clinic and did not like being left in a small kennel. She had to overnight with a crying puppy and no snacks. Her surgery was mid morning with it being completed by noon. She stayed the whole day for observation and I picked her up on Thursday morning. I was there at 10:00 and paid the bill. The ride home was filled with Esther talking and her nuzzling my finger all the way home. When she got in the house she patrolled every room and checked everybody out. She was happy to be home and didn’t miss supper. The night she was gone Ariel looked for her and Tenzin missed her I am sure because he hid and acted distressed until she came home.   This procedure cost $257.26 CDN. So far we have spent about $400.00 CDN to have a kitten vaccinated and spayed in her first year of life. This should tell you that when you get a kitty from the shelter for $200.00 or less you are getting a deal. My $400.00 is even cheap compared to other parts of the country.

Shelters are providing a tremendous service to the community. Many are operating at capacity and always need funding. Many shelters are certified charities and will provide a tax receipt. If you can’t adopt, donate or volunteer at a shelter.

One last thing before I go. I just read an article on how to stop furniture scratching. It recommended a scratching post or cat tree. I agree with both of these. The comments at the end of the article had many readers recommending declawing. In my opinion declawing is wrong and is nothing more than cat torture. Its like cutting the first knuckle off your own fingers.  Lets work to put a stop to this procedure.

Esther is home and I am glad. Have a great evening and hug a kitty. Do something green for the environment. Please leave a comment or question below and I will get back to you.


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  1. Howdy Trevor!

    Really like your site! There is a LOT of great and valuable information here: especially for cat owners. I am forwarding your site on to my eldest daughter who has 8 cats at present in various stages of rescue. One had Cat HIV, so your article on that subject will e of special interest to her.

    Thanks for all the good information and God bless!

    – William

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