Cat Care – Guests From Spain and Cat Care Hints

Hello everyone. Happy December 07, 2017. Todays guests are from the south of Spain. Please meet Jasmin the kitty and Cindy the puppy. Jasmin’s mum Taetske  found her at four weeks old injured in the middle of the road. What a great rescue story. Jasmin lives happily with the other cats in the family and Cindy the dog. Have a great holiday season everyone.

Cat Care Hint

What do you do if your cat eats string. At this time of the year with Christmas decorations out and lots of cooking there are extra attractions for your cat. While these thing can happen at any time, this time of year everybody is busy and we might not watch for hazards as closely. Balls of yarn, elastic bands, string wraps on meat can be lethal threats to your cat.

If you know your cat ate string we can always hope it will pass through the cat. If you see string hanging out of the bum do not pull it.  You don’t know if the string is wrapped on something internally and pulling will seriously damage the cat. Cut the string close to the bum and hope it passes. I would be personally quite worried at this point. I would go to the vet and see what a professional would think. It might be possible that a surgery would be necessary to correct this problem.

While this website has global reach I understand that Christmas is not everybody’s thing, but people from all over the world love cats. Please be careful with things cats can eat that might not be good for them. String, chocolate, sugary stuff can hurt a cat.

While you are entertaining this season watch a movie about cats. I recommend Kedi. Its a great insight to Turkish life and the street cats of Istanbul. Here is a link to my Products Page to have a look at Kedi.

That’s my story for today. Hello to everyone in the South of Spain and have a great day. Hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. If you have any questions or would like your kitty featured on this website please email me at You can leave a comment below.



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