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I live in a home with seven cats and two dogs. This presents some cleaning issues that are addressed daily. First off there is lots of hair. The picture of Alexis above is an example of a kitty that likes to leave hair even though she gets brushed. The “shorthaired” cats leave hair and the dogs shed and bring in dust with their feet. The solution to this is a good vacuum cleaner. We use a Bissell Pet Vacuum with great results. This corded upright is easy to use and works on carpet and hard floors.  This Amazon available product is reasonably priced. I am going to include a product sample in my Products page. There are various price ranges, we are using a cheaper one that is no longer available.

For carpet cleaning we also use a Bissell Carpet cleaner as well as a Bissell Little Green Cleaners for small jobs as well as vehicle cleaning after the dogs have accidents in the truck.

When those inevitable accidents happen on the hard floors such as a pee stain or vomit after a cleanup, I wipe the floor with Spray Nine Cleaner and disinfectant. This is handy especially if you are in a hurry and don’t have time for a good hot water wash. It is important to be careful with what liquid floor cleaners a person uses because some of them are very toxic. Please check the contents. Some of these products leave a residue and it gets on your kitty’s feet  and we know that cats constantly groom themselves.

This is a short story on house cleaning. I think everyone has an idea on a clean home. Good equipment and some supplies make the job easier and quicker. Some of my cats have found hiding places when the vacuum comes out. Then they get a treat when its all done. Remember a clean house smells clean. Please check my Products page for pictures and links of these products.

That’s my story for today. Have a great day and hug a kitty. Please leave a comment if you like. If you have a question e-mail me at



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