Cat Care – How To Look After A Stray Kitten

This wonderful little kitten was just rescued from a cold winter. How do we look after a new feral kitten? Its easy. This little kitty is being fed kitten formula. Purina makes a prepackaged item. Never give cows milk. This will give the cat diarrhea. The night I picked up Roxanne she was given cows milk and that night she sprayed the litter box. This kitty is old enough to eat solid food. A good quality soft food is good. When the kitten is strong enough a visit to the vet is required. Needles and deworming is necessary and must be done. Ask your vet for a time to spay or neuter, usually around six months of age. If by chance the kitten appears to be not healthy don’t be afraid to go to the vet immediately.

Next it is necessary to prepare your house. A litter box is mandatory. Litter box training is as easy as just putting the baby in the box once and that should be it. Its worked for all my kittens. A cat tree and some toys would be nice. The tree will give the kitten a place to scratch and some balls or soft mice and you should be set. Don’t forget a nice cat bed. A box with a blanket in it works.

If you have older cats or dogs in the house it might be necessary to isolate the kitten when no one is around to prevent an accident. The only thing left is to enjoy.

All the best.



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