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Its two weeks until Christmas and in the picture above Roxanne is enjoying a Manitoba sunrise from the comfort of the kitchen window. A year ago she was wondering in the snow looking for help. She got into one house and they were going to put her back outside. I went right over and brought her home and she is now family. The tragedy of this story is I think she was dumped. She adapted easily to home living and is a loving and easy going cat. Why do people do these things. It’s an all to common problem that I just can’t understand. I have seen dumped dogs and horses that people don’t care about. Adult animals can survive for a while. Its the kittens and puppies that are put out to die.

What’s the cure? I don’t know! Maybe someone reading this article can give me an idea. The local shelter is always full and has regular adoption fund raisers. Is the full shelter the reason people can’t turn the pet in to a responsible facility or find a caring home.

Sometimes I think that people with a solid practical view on life have greater priorities than that cat or dog. I am not practical. That’s why I have seven cats,  two dogs and two horses.

The emotional impact on dumped animals can not be fathomed. The cat that lived a comfortable life or the dog that stayed in the house suddenly tossed outside is  totally confused.  The first night Lacy was left at our house she cried all night. To me it sounded that she was calling out her owners name. When we adopted Sheba the Border Collie she spent the whole day running from the door to the window to look for her mum. Yes cats and dog do understand and they need someone to stand up for them.

This Christmas if you can’t adopt, donate to a shelter or volunteer. Adopting at this busy time of year has to thought out properly. How long is cat care? Its for ever.

A Street Cat Named Bob

Here is a nice movie to watch this season. A Street Cat Named Bob is a true story of homeless person and a stray cat that had a life changing experience together. Its movie worth watching with the whole family.

And don’t forget the books!

That’s my story for today. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. If you would like your cat featured on this website please email me with a picture and bio to Hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.


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