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Todays topic is a required discussion if your cat vomits. My cat vomiting became an issue when we determined that Alexis would throw way to often to be an isolated incident. She would eat supper and then all of a sudden bring it back up. We would find regurgitated crumbles in the sink in the morning. Alexis is a nine year old cat with good overall health and agility, so this turned into a mystery that required some study.


After some reading we found that one of the most common reason for cat vomiting is diet. We thought that we fed our cats a good diet. We found that our wet food and treats were not of a good quality. It was back to label study with a trip to the pet store for a much superior food . The link above takes you to a fabulous discussion on pet food. Other reasons that cats throw up are milk, hair balls, and fast eating. Hair ball vomiting is different than food vomiting. When Tenzin threw up his hair ball he cried in pain. Food vomits are generally quiet.    These items can be diagnosed and remedied by the cat owner. If a food change is not the answer for you a trip to the vet is necessary where your kitty should be checked for a gastrointestinal problems.

Other things that a cat owner has control over are removing toxins from around the house. Cleaners and poisonous house plants can be serious problems. On my Maintaining your cat page there is a list of poisonous plants .

Please understand throwing up is not ‘normal’ for cats. If your cat is sick too often talk to your vet and discuss your options. Good cat food is expensive, Vet bills are more expensive and stressful for every body involved. I have enough experience to try the change in diet first. If you are new to cats don’t be afraid to go to the vet.

This link below is a wonderful discussion on todays topic from a professional veterinarian.

Movie Review

After today’s discussion everybody needs something lighter. I would recommend that you watch the movie KEDI. A great movie about the street cats in Istanbul. I loved the cats and a look into Turkish life. Check the Products page for a link to purchase the movie.

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