Cat Care – Spaying or Neutering Cats


Esther had her surgery this morning and all went well . She is in recuperation and observation for the day and she will coming home tomorrow morning. The surgery takes a week to ten days to heal. During her post surgery recovery she should be kept quiet and be watched for licking and scratching. Keeping her quiet will be hard as she is such an active girl. Ariel came to bed this morning and I am sure he is looking for her. Generally she should have no complications and her days will be normal. I have to watch for swelling and weeping of fluid at the incision. Roxanne had a bit of an issue when she was done. At this point I am confident that there will be no problems. Esther did not like being left last night and I am sure she wants to be home. I read that a spayed female cat live 60% longer than an intact cat. She will get over all of this and run around as normal.

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