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Roxanne was the last kitten that I rescued.  The people that found her were going to put her back outside. I went over and brought her home and now she has been with us for a year.

I did not put her in the house right away  and she was isolated in my office for three days until the vet visit. That was the earliest date I could get at the vet and so she had to live alone for a bit.

I wanted to isolate her so I could see her personality and determine if she had any medical issues. Her eyes were clean and I could not see any ear mites or detect any flees or skin issues. I would not like to introduce an infection or parasite issue to the rest of the cats causing me to vaccinate or bath six other cats for bugs. Parasites on animals are unpleasant. Over the counter remedies should be used cautiously. Some of the products that are available have been toxic or lethal.  Flea and tick collars leave a residue on your pet which the animal ingests through grooming and can contaminate who ever handles the pet. If you have no experience in this problem please consult a veterinarian for a diagnosis and treatment.

The vet visit was a typical visit with blood tests  for Feline FIV. Roxanne was stressed from the car ride and new people so we could not draw blood. This was not a big issue for me as she is healthy and eats well. She then received the typical batch of shots and we went home.

The introduction to the clowder was fairly easy. I put the cat carrier on the floor and opened the door. She came out when she was ready. The other cats snooped around and there was some hissing and growing. I monitored closely for probably two weeks. There was someone always home so we could keep an eye on things. Roxanne adapted to our home easily and now she is family.

I don’t think that every cat a person brings home will transition that easily. If that new kitten you bring home, especially if its a stray with no history can be more of a challenge. Weeping eyes, open wounds, patchy fur should be looked at by a vet as soon as possible. These items while are curable could introduce problems to other cats and so this kitty should be isolated for a while. If you find a very young kitten there are specific kitten formulas to feed this baby if there was a chance that the kitten was still sucking. Don’t feed cats cows milk or you will have a diarrhea issue to contend with.

Introducing the new cat to other cats needs thought. Adult cats might fight. I have heard of having to isolate an adult cat for weeks until everybody settles down .  With my situation new adults usually found a place to be alone and mingled with the group at their own pace. Small kittens should be isolated when there is no one around so the don’t get hurt or in my case have the dogs hurt them. I didn’t let the kittens free until I could see they could save them selves from the dogs. My Husky, China has to pounce a cat at times. She doesn’t hurt them, She is just a jerk. When I introduce a small kitten to the dogs I hold the kitten in my hands and hold them close to the dog where they can sniff and look. I am cautious at this point and ready to save the kitten if necessary. I give the dogs commands to be gentle. We can now go out with everybody free and not worry.

A word of caution here, With the holiday season and lots of guests its a busy time with lots of activity to stress out the cats and dogs. Never leave an infant unattended with your pets. Cats play rough and dogs lick. Don’t take chances with your guests or don’t leave your infant/toddler with new pets alone.

Cats and Christmas Trees

Cats love Christmas Trees. Dangling toys all over it and a great place to climb no tree is complete with out a good stand and skirt. Here are a couple items of the many available to prevent tree fall over.  The skirt is a good idea to prevent the cats from drinking the water at the tree. Flame retardants, fertilizers and natural oils are toxic to cats.  Have a Merry Christmas.

That’s my story for today. Have a great holiday season and stay safe. If you have any questions please leave a comment below. If you would like your kitty featured on this website please send a picture and a short bio to


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