Cat Care – The Litter Box Again.

Once again I have to reemphasize the importance of the litter box. My boy Ariel left a turd in the litter box that had blood on it. This is of great importance. I sent a picture to the vet and then Ariel went to the doctor for a visit. His visit went well with no significant problems shown. He was given a deworming pill and sent home. We have to keep an eye on him and watch for any further events. Blood in the stool can come from many problems such as constipation or pushing through hair or serious things like cancer. This week Ariel is going to the groomer to get his bum shaved. He is so hairy we had a hard time taking his temperature.

The picture above is the stool sample I took to the vet. The blood is bright red which is anal blood. This is why I like open litter boxes. You have to clean it and you get to watch your cat use the box.  It was because we saw Ariel leave this sample is how we know it’s his.

This is today’s story. I hope you find it helpful. Have a nice day and hug a kitty. Please leave a comment at the bottom. If you have a question or want your kitty featured on this website email me at


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