Cat Care – UTI

Alexis had to go to the vet for a checkup. She was starting to pee wherever she sat. It was discovered that Lexi had a UTI or the long version, a urinary tract infection. Lexi now has to take a pill form medicine twice a day for ten days. It was also discovered that she had gingivitis. All the water bowls now get the vet recommended application of StrixNB. The doctor asked if she struggled when she urinated, so it’s a good idea to watch your cats at the litter box occasionally. Lexi was stressed from the car ride and vet visit so she got out of the carrier and hid for a bit, but didn’t miss supper. She is going to be OK.

I read that Friday the 13th is Black Cat day. Let’s remind people that all the superstitions surrounding black cats are all false. So today hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.


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