Cat Care – What’s My Cat Saying

What’s My Cat Saying


Today story is about how your cat talks to you. My office cat Roxanne is a very verbal cat. That’s her in the picture above. One night when I was working on a post she started talking a lot. Being busy I ignored her. After she had enough of being ignored she jumped up on my lap and had a pee on me. What a valuable lesson. She didn’t go pee under the desk or in the corner, she told me to listen to her cries. I apologized and took her to the house. I changed and came back to work.

It is important to listen when one of our pets speak. This happens when we spend time with them and learn their moods and needs. I listen a lot closer now. My other office cat, Soxs goes to the door and cries when he wants to go to the house. When your pets trust you they talk to you. It’s important that we listen.

Last night when my wife was making supper Soxs went to her and head butted her several times and asked for some meat. It was so nice to watch him be so polite. We have seven felines all with their own personality.

Spend time with your pets. They will communicate with you.

Black Cats

That’s Phil in the picture. A rescue from the early winter of 2017 living in his new home.

There have been several news stories lately about how hard it is to get black cat’s adopted. These articles reveal to me that superstition and lack of compassion leaves these cat’s stranded in shelters. There is nothing wrong with BLACK CATS.

People are concerned that black cat’s don’t make for good selfies. This is incorrect. Black cat’s make for great photos. Please don’t ignore these wonderful cat’s just for the color of their fur. Any superstition regarding black cat’s is wrong and should be ignored.

When you go to the shelter don’t overlook a kitty that could be a wonderful family member. This includes senior or handicapped cats. Cats with feline FIV are very adoptable.

The Werewolf Cat



The Werewolf cat has been named a new breed of cat and has been accepted by The International Cat Association. The Lykoi cat was founded in 2011 when a natural mutation of a domestic short appeared. This cat has black and golden-rimmed eyes and a black and gray sparse fur. It’s a lean cat and is considered a sweet and warm cat. The photo above is from Steptacular  and displayed with permission.

I saw a news article recently stating that there is a terrifying breed of Werewolf cat. This headline make me wonder if this cat will be persecuted due to its unique looks. I certainly hope that this wonderful feline ends up in the hands of responsible owners. They should be  expensive enough so that they end up with cat loving owners. Check this Wikipedia link for more information.

Hint Of The Day

Today’s hint is about grooming. Brushing is an important part of cat care. Even short haired cat’s shed and can get hair balls. When grooming long haired cat’s be sure to brush under the legs and tail. If the hair get to long around the bum it should be shaved for several reasons. It prevents feces from collecting in the fur. When a cat has to push a bowl movement through matted hair you might find blood in the stool. Another good reason is that if the vet has to take the cat’s temperature you can see where to put the thermometer. A shaved back end does not mean shaved to the skin. I take my two cats Ariel and Tenzin to the groomer for this. The fur should be nicely shaped and you should be able to see the anus when you are done.

One last thing is if you have trouble putting kitty into the carrier just gently place a large towel over the kitties head and wrap the feet and place them in the carrier. Getting them out might be tricky but you will have help from the groomer or vet. Be careful not to catch their legs in the door on the way out.

That’s my story for today. Hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. If you have any questions or comments please do so below.






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