Cat Health Care

When you get you new kitty home and have done all the vet visits with vaccinations, spay or neuter its time to enjoy the kitty. Kitties like clean litter boxes. In order to keep your stress down keep the litter box clean and filled with litter. Cleaning means every time you see a clump in the box scoop it out and be sure to scrape around to find every thing. Once a week my litter boxes are emptied and washed with hot water and soap. Then a splash of baking soda with 2 – 3 inches of cat litter on top. Good to go. I am using Purina Tidy Cats litter. It absorbs smells and cleans up nice. Be sure to vacuum the litter that comes out with the cats feet and that job is done for the moment. If your cat is scrapping down to the bottom of the box you probably don’t have enough litter in the box. I live in the country so litter disposal is easy. If you live in the city I would think that sealing it in bags and throwing it out with the house hold trash should work. Try not to make the garbage cans to heavy or it might not get picked up. Some folks don’t like clay based litter because of the dust hazard to the cat and dust in the house. This Purina item is quite dust free. There are wood base litters that are environmentally friendly and will not be a health hazard to your cat. It does not hurt to experiment. I tried wood chips. It absorbed smells but the chips went every where. A vacuuming task for sure. The bigger the litter box the better. There is less chance of missing the box. My boy Tenzin is so big that when his nose was touching one end his bum was hanging over the other end of the box. When Tenzin had just moved in  he was quite timid. Because of this he decided to pee in the pantry on some plastic bags. This was hard to find. He only did that once and now he is a regular litter box user. When you come home and the house stinks, it probably means somebody did not cover. This does not mean you keep a dirty house. I have had cats pee on blankets from cat beds and in the mitt and toque box. What can you do? Wash things up sanitize, deodorize and press on.   Then go and hug your kitty!

All the Best , Trevor


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