Esther Is In Heat

Hello, everyone today’s post is that Esther is growing up. She went into heat and now it is time to go to the vet for a spaying procedure. Someone is going to ask why I waited so long and it’s because it is such an invasive procedure I was scared to take her in sooner. My Roxanne developed an infection and well I just put off the event. Esther just turned a year old and this is a natural part of being a female cat. Her symptoms were yowling, marking her territory and making herself available to the boys, especially Tenzin. When you get right down to the actual operation its a common procedure and it is done daily. You have to trust your vet. After this procedure is complete you save your female cat from the recurring cycles that are natural to the cat. Your cat will not be as prone to some diseases as she gets older. It’s just better for everybody involved.

This is our story for today. Hug your kitty and do something green for the environment. Please leave a comment or ask a question at the bottom of the page.



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