How to take care of a stray cat ,Part Two

The above picture is of Raymond. He was a stray for about two years. He was an apprehensive cat and it was not until he was live trapped and in the house four about three months did he come around and want to be handled. Patience is the key here. Some cats will never be domesticated. Some times these types of cats can become good barn cats and make their living doing rodent control. A barn cat can have a good life, but they still need human assistance to live a long life. The necessity to go to the vet is still there. This prevents unwanted kittens and the spread of feline diseases. Believe it or not a good mouser still needs to be fed and have a good source of water. Winter shelter is required. This could be an assembled house or some bales stacked together to form a shelter.  Treat them nice and after a few years they might let you pet them.

All the best ,Trevor

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