National Cat Day In The U.S.

It’s National Cat Day in the United States. As I read some of my emails today lots of people are rescuing and looking after cats. Good Job. We have to help those that can’t help themselves. My boy Soxs pictured above is now a big boy. He would not have lasted the winter if someone didn’t find him as well as his six other brothers and sisters. Every day should be cat day.

It’s not only cats that need to be rescued. It’s horses ,dogs, parrots, reptiles and every living thing that was once a pet and now is discarded needs rescuing. Its been my mission to help where I can.

Rescuing costs. Shelters need funding and help. If someone can’t take in a kitty, maybe volunteering or financially supporting a shelter could be an option. Lots of shelters are charities that will give you a tax receipt.

That’s my story for today. Hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.


2 thoughts on “National Cat Day In The U.S.”

  1. “Every day should be cat day.” 🙂

    Similar to how some people during the winter holidays are “merry” and have “goodwill to men” but every day would be wonderful to be that way.

    I wonder if there’s a National Dog Day? Probably. What about National Horse Day? National Parrot Day? Etc.

    1. Thank you Jean. I agree with you. Animals should be treated with respect every day. I know at my house its always cat day, dog day and horse day. I thank you again for reading and commenting.

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