Cat Care, My Personal Guide and Experiences Raising Cats.

Welcome to my web site about Cat care. My name is Trevor.

My life with cats started with Soxs. A small four month

old black and white kitten crying in the wood pile. Now I have seven cats all with individual minds and personalities. Along the  journey numerous cat care questions came up. I already had a good veterinarian to go to. The St. Claude Vet Clinic in St. Claude Manitoba. I have had a good 20 year relationship with this institution and they have been a great source of very helpful information.  The information from the vet plus my own study has given me a desire to produce a web site to make cat care easy. Why do I like cats you might ask ? Well the first time I held Soxs it was a moment of awe as I held this fabulous kitten in my hands. All my cats give me a sense of joy and always can make you smile.  Cats are polite, quiet, agile, curious and darn good fun. So lets look at how to care for our felines here at CatCare.