I Have A Cat


I have a cat. I actually have eight cats. Each one has a unique personality. My cats are all rescues and come from various backgrounds. They are all beautiful elegant felines. If you follow this link to my Meet The Kittys page you can read Bio’s of my clowder. The rescue of cats and my dogs and horses has brought about a unique understanding of life and the world around me.

My First Cat

Tuxedo Kitten

My adventure starts on a late October afternoon in 2013. Weak kitten cries from the wood pile led me to find a small tuxedo kitten looking for food and being scared. This kitten is now sitting beside me as I type this as a full-grown kitty that has brought me endless joy. Soxs is my first cat Then came Lacy and then Tenzin. Next we rescued Rufus. What a gentleman he was. He was only with us for a few months when he suddenly passed away. That was a very sad day.

Then we adopted Alexis. She is a senior female and I call her Grandma Lexi. Next I found the kittens Ariel and Esther. Little babies less than a month old. What a blessing. Then Roxanne came into our lives. She is my adventure cat and finally my big boy Norbu. Norbu went from a wild feral cat to a big gentle house cat.

When I held Soxs for the first time it was like a moment of illumination. I was holding this fragile little life. Now I can not imagine my home without him or the rest of the cats. Click on this link to Meet The Kittys.

Why Rescue Cats

Every cat needs a home. Every cat that has a home has a chance to live a happy life with regular health care, a good diet and a family. Cats that have a family will be neutered or spayed thus reducing the number of unwanted cats. Dumping of cats and animal abuse is greatly reduced if every cat has a home.

Rescue CatNot every cat will like being in the house. Of my eight cats only two can go outside and then they are on leashes and monitored. Some cats like living in a barn and that’s acceptable, however as a responsible cat owner the kitties need health care, feeding and shelter.

The health care mentioned should include a Trap, Spay/Neuter Release program. All medically sterilized cats need monitoring for infection or other medical issue for up to three weeks before being released back to the barn. I personally do not like free ranging cats. There are just to many threats for the kitty from wild animals, vehicles, and cruel people. Health care does not mean Declawing. This is a cruel medical procedure done for the benefit of people with no benefit to the cat. Not only is it cruel, but if the cat gets out it can not hunt or defend itself.

Australia is a perfect example of a species gone unchecked. They have a runaway cat population and it is not the cats fault. It is the fault of poor cat ownership. Now these cats have to suffer the most cruel tactics in order to control the population. Follow this link to read about cat reproductive rates.

Why I Love Cats

There are no ordinary cats. All of my cats are rescues. They have no pedigrees, but they are as special as any cat on the planet. All cats possess the same attributes. It makes no difference if it is a large jungle cats or a feral feline. Here are some attributes that every cat possesses.



What magnificence is the cat. When I watch a cat walk they move with deliberate elegance. They always sit with poise. I am amazed at how they can reach all parts of their body while grooming. The cat moves with attentive independence like they are always ready to move for either hunting or survival. Domestic cats are both prey and the hunter. Cats are like a piece of sculpture whether they are sitting, sleeping or in motion.


Did you know that a cat can run up to 30 mph or 48 kph. That is why when you are leash training you must keep a good hold on the leash and for the early lessons a person should wear a jacket and gloves so you can hold you cat when the get scared. A cat that runs away with a leash attached will get it hooked somewhere or if the kitty climbs a tree it will probably wrap its self around branches and be stuck or worse. I have seen this happen so be careful.

Did you know a cat can jump six times their length or over eight feet in a single leap. It is amazing to watch a cat jump up on the counter and land with such grace. I love watching my cats climb their tree or walk on the tops of the cupboards.


Baby Esther

Cats are resilient. They survive in harsh conditions and can reproduce beyond control and yet they are fragile. Cats need our protection. My little girl Roxanne will run out of the house from between the dogs legs. It has been very cold lately and she runs out to the drive way and then just stood there and cried. She needs my protection and support. All my cats need my support. All feral cats need someone to look out for them.

My newest rescue Norbu loves being in the house. Norbu was a wild feral cat. Now he is a happy house cat. Tenzin would be a tangled mess in a week without regular grooming. When Lacy got out for two weeks she got skinny and now does not even want to go outside. I could imagine that all my kitties would not do well without support.

When you love your cats you will realize how much they need you.

Why Do I Have A Cat


I have a cat Because THEY MAKE ME SMILE! Regardless of how my day has gone my cats make me smile. When they sit on me and purr it is magic. When Esther comes to bed and cuddles it makes my day. I love hearing feet running in the middle of the night. Cats match my personality.

We should have compassion for all animals that need rescuing. If you rescue a cat it is a lifetime commitment with endless rewards. If you can provide help to feral cats they will appreciate the effort even if it’s not apparent.

Feral Cat in Carrier

This world needs people that can provide protection for the most vulnerable creatures of the earth. Everyone can do something. For example, you can adopt, if adoption is not an option, volunteering at a shelter is possible. Shelters need funding so perhaps regular donations to your favorite shelter could be done. Feral cats need protection. Building shelters, feeding, trap neuter/spay and release programs is a project for the right person.

We can’t save every life, but every life you save will is important.

This my important message for today. Please leave a comment or question below. Don’t forget to check out my Cat Care Products page for something for that special kitty. Click on the images for access to the whole Amazon website.

Here is an example of a heated outdoor cat shelter. Please click on the image for pricing and other options. 


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Cats And Christmas


Cats and Christmas

Cats And Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and with that all the excitement that thrills everyone. This includes our cats. They love the smells and all the new shiny things and will participate in every thing that appeals to a cat. There are some hazards that are not always evident at this time of year. With a little forethought and preparation we can avoid these issues and just have fun. Let’s have a look at some common elements in almost every home.

The Christmas Tree

We all love a beautifully decorated tree and so do our kitties.

The Natural Tree

Real tree

The natural tree is beautiful and smells nice, however it drops needles which are dangerous and can be lethal if swallowed by our cats. I recommend cleaning up dropped needles regularly. The water that the tree sits could be contaminated by pine oils, fertilizers, or fire retardants which are poisonous to your pets. If necessary cover the water bowl for your tree with tin foil. A sturdy stand is necessary especially if your kitty might try climbing the tree. It maybe necessary to tether the tree to the wall.

Here is a tree stand from Amazon that will stand up well. Please click on the image for pricing and more options

Regarding decorations we used to hang small stuffed animals on our tree to avoid anything that might be broken such as glass bulbs. Any ornament that was hung was generally unbreakable. We quit using tinsel or garlands that could be a choking or bowl obstruction hazard. With eight cats now we do not put up a tree.

The Artificial Tree

Artificial Tree

These trees are a nice alternative, but they shed needles as well. These will be an aluminum needle probably and will be a health hazard if ingested. If these trees come pre-decorated the ornaments should be checked to see how fragile they are. An inspection of the stand is necessary to see how topple proof the tree is.

Electrical cords might be a chewing problem if your cat does such things. It might be best to unplug the tree if no one is present. Any device with batteries should have the batteries disposed of properly when changed. Button batteries will burn the inside of the kitty or child if ingested. Be careful.

Hazardous Christmas Plants

There are many plants that come into our homes during the Christmas season. The Poinsettia, Holly, Mistletoe, Lilies, Daffodils, Amaryllis and the Christmas Cactus are toxic to cats and dogs. The Lilies and the Amaryllis are particularly lethal and should be kept away from pets.

Easter Lily


The Presents

Cat and presents

A nicely wrapped present is lovely to look at. My cats love to scratch boxes. I am sure that a present with ribbons and bows will hard to ignore for any kitty. Sometimes for reasons I can not explain they will pee on things. With these things in mind it might be better not to put the presents out until it is necessary.


During this busy time of the season lots of people might be in attendance. With that some pets might be overwhelmed by all the traffic. It might be best to isolate the kitties or puppies from people until things are more relaxed. Guest with small children must be instructed not to rough house your cats.

Guest coats should be put in a separate room to avoid something getting peed on. This could be brought on by the odors of other cats and dogs brought in on different clothing.

We have fed our cats and dogs before our big meal and this has reduced the cat traffic at the table. In fact even with eight cats and two dogs we have had very little trouble with pets at the table.

The Kitchen

KitchenDuring any festive season the kitchen is a hub of activity. Chefs are busy and the action and smells of this time makes our cats want to take part. We must be careful not to let our cats jump on the counter or stove to prevent burnt feet or injuries. I always put a pot of water on an open element so that it can cool down. I could not imagine what a paw would look like after stepping on the stove.

Accidents can happen when we are the busiest. With lots of traffic between cupboards and stoves watch that you do not trip over the cat. This is when its nice to have help or put the pets in another room until your work is done.

One of the most common causes of kitchen fires is unattended cooking.  If you need a rest shut the top of the stove off or have someone watch for you.

The Menu

As humans we can eat many things that are not healthy for our cats.

Turkey is typical offering at this time of year. Turkey is not hazardous in its self unless it is too hot. It is the additional things we put on the turkey that can give upset your cats stomach. Butter, oils, stuffing and spices may not agree with you kitty.

Onions must not be given to cats or dogs in any form. N-propyl disulfide is the compound in onions that will damage the red blood cells and their ability to carry oxygen.

Chocolate has an ingredient called theobromine(similar to caffeine) that is extremely toxic to cats. It can be fatal.

Raw bread dough can make your cat very sick. The yeast can cause bloating from the production of carbon dioxide and produce alcohol. The alcohol produced can cause drops in blood sugar, blood pressure and body temperature.

Raw eggs used during baking can cause salmonella infection or E.coli.

Food Wrappings

The cautions here are necessary so that your can spend your time celebrating rather than be at the vet for an expensive after hours doctor visit.

Any wrapping such as aluminum foil, plastics and wax paper can be very seductive to a hungry cat. These items if swallowed will need a vet visit.

The most dangerous item I see is greasy string. If ingested it might wrap around something inside the cat and MUST NOT be pulled. This requires medical attention! If there is string hanging out of your cats bum you could cut it off and then hope it passes.

All food wrapping should be disposed off immediately.

Cats As Gifts

Girl with cat

What Magnificence is the Cat. For us cat lovers this is an easy choice, however to give a cat as a gift is a big decision. Cats have been dumped after the thrill wears off. This is a crime. When considering a cat, dog or bunny as a gift this decision must be thought out ahead of time and everyone must be on the same page.

The saying goes, you can have a clean house or a pet – not both. My cats are family and my home is their home and we live together. Just to clarify, my house is clean because we work at it and it’s WORTH IT.
For this reason not everyone can tolerate a pet in the house.

In closing

When writing an article like this I try to cover a lot of ground. Every one knows their cats and most things we do anyway. Perhaps for a new pet owner this should be informative. It is no different from preparing your home for that crawling toddler. A little time spent being careful is way easier than being at the vet.

I wish everyone a Great Christmas season and for those that don’t celebrate this time of year every blessing to you too.

Don’t forget to check my Cat Care Products page and pick out a nice present for that special kitty.

Here is a nice cat bed. Please click on the image for pricing and more options.


Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.

Merry Catmas


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Why Become A Veterinarian


Vet and animalsThe Veterinarian

As a responsible pet owner every member of our family requires regular medical care. Your veterinarian is your first point of contact. The veterinarian is a highly trained and compassionate individual. That’s why becoming a veterinarian is a noble occupation, a necessary public service.

Become A Veterinarian

AngelBecoming a vet begins with a passion for animals. If my vets did not have the same compassion for my pets as I do they would not be my doctors. A veterinarian is a Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine that has six years of training at a university and is licensed to provide medical, dental and surgical care for animals.

It should be noted that as a DVM the work is not all cute and cuddly. There will some messy days and it must be necessary to overcome the messy part of the business. Remember the rewards are priceless.

Required Education

Should you be fortunate enough to still be in high school you can prepare by selecting courses in science. Science courses in biology, chemistry and physics will give you a foundation to build on as you undertake post secondary education. Other disciplines to consider and depending on how you want to specialize will include courses in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics and business administration/management.

Practical experience can be gained by volunteering at an animal shelter or veterinary clinic. Experience with several animal species is helpful. Be sure to maintain a list of references for future applications.

This next paragraph is Canadian oriented, however an internet search or a session with a guidance counselor should answer any questions you may have to suit your local situation.

Obtaining a Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in Canada will require two years of pre-veterinary study at a regular university. Then four years of study at one of the five Canadian veterinary colleges.

They are : University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College

University of Montreal, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

University of Prince Edward Island, Atlantic Veterinary College

University of Saskatchewan, Western College of Veterinary Medicine

In order to practice veterinary medicine in Canada you will need a license. This will be obtained in the province where you chose to work.

The average income for a new vet is approximately $62000/year CDN

The Specialized Veterinarian

In the field of human medicine there are specialists. Its is the same for veterinarians. Here are some options.


Small Animal Practice

Vet small animals

In this field a veterinarian works with companion animals and services a local community. Patients can include dogs, cats, reptiles, birds and small mammals. Other services may include a broad spectrum of pet care and counseling, including wellness, preventative medicine and late stage life education. Other courses that this practice requires are surgical, dental and alternative medical procedures.

These facilities are regularly inspected and must comply with a high standard. Most facilities equipped with laboratories, x-ray equipment, surgical facilities and pharmacies. They will have proper kennels and may provide 24 hour care.

Private Practice

In Canada this is the largest employment group in veterinary medicine. This practice includes small, large and mixed animal care Vets in private practice manage their own business and treat and maintain various animals with current recommended techniques and procedures. Veterinarians in private practice ensure healthy maintenance among farm and companion animals.

Large Animal And Mixed Animal Practice


Large animal practice as the name suggests encompasses the group of large livestock including poultry. Medical services include diagnostic and treatment of individual animals and herd maintenance.

The mixed animal practice encompasses both large animals and companion animals. This practice is common in rural areas and will provide comprehensive medical and surgical service. I personally use a clinic like this and I think that this type of practice provides a new DVM extensive life experience.

Becoming A Specialist

kittenSome examples of a veterinary specialist are: cardiology, dermatology, neurology, ophthalmology, oncology, behavior specialist, internal medicine, dentistry, and anesthesiology. There are also species specialists which focus on felines, equine, bovine or a zoo specialist.

Additional study is required after achieving a DVM to be considered a specialist. Then a board certification is necessary. The American College of Veterinary Medicine and the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners are examples of boards registering specialists.

Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVT)

A RVT works under the supervision of a DVM. Training for a career as a RVT requires up to three years of college education at an approved educational facility. In Canada this will be from a Canadian Veterinary Medical Association or the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians accredited program. It will necessary to complete the Veterinary Technician National Examination.

Upon graduation employment may be found in private practices, zoos or wildlife rehabilitation facilities. Research laboratories also hire RVT graduates.

For more detailed information please look at the Registered Veterinary Technologists and Technicians of Canada at rvttcanada.ca

In Closing

This discussion on becoming a veterinarian is Canadian oriented. Please contact your career counselor or search for a university in your area. If you need any help please leave a comment below.

I have eight cats, Two dogs and two horses. The veterinarian is a necessary part of my life. From UTI with the cats, dental work for the dogs, vaccinations and medical care for the horses I could not live without my association with my veterinary facility. The Rolling Plains Veterinary Consultants Inc located in St. Claude, Manitoba has been my point of contact for twenty years. They have provided my menagerie with highly professional compassionate care. Visit them at https://rpvc.ca/

Becoming a DVM or RVT requires dedication and study and this will provide you with spectacular career. I really believe that this profession is a necessary public service. Becoming a Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine will give you a lifetime of rewards.

That’s my story for today. Take a look at my Cat Care Products page for something you might want to give your special kitty for Christmas. Now do something green for the environment and have a wonderful day. If you have any questions or comments please do so below.

Here are a couple of  books from Amazon for more information. Please click on the image for pricing and access to other books.



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Cat Urinary Tract Infections


Cat Urinary Tract Infections

Feline Urinary Tract Infections is an important topic that cat owners must understand. FLUTD, which is the medical term for Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. It is a term used to describe any group of disorders or diseases that affects the lower urinary tract (bladder or urethra) in cats. This problem can cause urination outside of the litter box and can be painful and if left untreated can be fatal. FLUTD is associated with the formation of stones or crystals in the urinary tract. The two most common types of crystals are struvite and calcium oxalate. These stones will cause extreme pain when urinating. Urinary Tract infections are serious and requires immediate medical attention. The recovery rate with treatment and proper nutrition is very good.

Causes Of Urinary Tract Infection

While there are many factors causing FLUTD there is no single cause of urinary tract disease. Contributing factors are, kitties that are overweight and lack exercise, cats over a year old are also at risk. Male neutered cats have a greater risk of lethal urethral obstruction, however both male and female cats can get the disease.

Other contributing factors include not having a good supply of clean drinking water and a poor grade cat food. Poor cat food that has an abundance of calcium(salt), magnesium and phosphorus will contribute to urinary crystals.

Stressed cats are prone to urinary infections. Stress could include strange people, conflicts with other cats or an inability of places to rest or find isolation.


Recently my pretty little Siamese cat Esther started peeing outside of the litter box. I collected a urine sample and took her to the vet. The vet found crystals in her urine plus bacteria. She is now on an antibiotic plus a diet change. In two weeks we go back to the vet for a checkup. There will be a good recovery because we caught the problem early. It is not necessary for me to collect a urine sample, but it was handy. Vets can do this easily at the clinic.

Symptoms Of Urinary Tract Infections

If your kitty is not using the litter box it is important not to blame the cat with a behavioral issue until all factors have been looked at. Cats have been surrendered to the shelter because of a problem that could be easily corrected by medical attention.

The Litter Box

This is the key to the monitoring of your cats health. If your cat is not using the litter box, first off, is it clean enough. The litter box should be scooped often and have fresh litter it. A cat will not use a full dirty litter box. It is also important to watch your cat while they are in the litter box so you can observe the cats behavior. You will be watching for struggling to pee or crying while peeing and what texture of poop is left behind. Pink or bloody urine will require a trip to the vet. Cats that are doing lots of genital licking are likely suffering from an infection and are trying to relieve the pressure or burning. Also observe your cats general behavior. A cat that is lethargic or has lost an interest in their normal routine might be a sign that an infection is present. All this information is necessary for your vet to help with a diagnosis.

When my senior cat Lexi started to pee where ever she was sitting it was discovered that she had a UTI and with antibiotics and a diet change she was cured in ten days.

Recurring Urinary Tract Infections

Vet and KittenWith veterinary attention and a proper diet UTI is easily treatable, however there is always a chance that it will reoccur.

The first step in management and prevention of FLUTD/UTI is to provide a constant source of fresh water. A proper diet is necessary with both wet and dry food. A constant source of poor dry food will leave your cat constantly dehydrated and is a contributor to crystals in the urine.

One of the questions to ask your vet is to determine if your cat is eating foods that are allergenic or pro-inflammatory. If your kitty has been eating the same protein for months or years on end it might be causing an inflammation of the cats bladder. Please follow this link to my “Maintaining Your Cat” page for two good articles on cat food.

As you determine if your cat’s litter box problems are behavioral or medical do not hesitate to ask for the appropriate tests so that your kitty is not given antibiotics unnecessarily. This means insisting on a bacterial culture. We all suffer from the overuse of unnecessary antibiotics and our pets do too.

In Closing

I have had two of my cats diagnosed with a Urinary Tract infection. I just took my boy Soxs in to the vet for a wellness check because he was peeing out of the litter box.


I think I caught these problems early because I watch my cats closely for unusual behavior. I clean the litter boxes often and I try to watch as many cats as possible use the litter box. This does not mean I can’t rest without chasing the cats to the litter box, but if I am there I watch. When something doesn’t look right I do more investigation.

If your cat is peeing outside the box, crying while peeing or there is blood in the urine, a visit to the vet is necessary. If you collect your own urine sample it should be delivered to the vet within 24 hours in order for it to be an accurate sample.

Feeding good food might be expensive, but good food is cheaper than vet visits.

Do not be afraid to ask questions of your vet. Ask for culture tests. Get a second opinion if something doesn’t feel right.

The internet is full of advice. Internet advice does not supersede the advice of a qualified Doctor Of Vetrinary Medicine.

That’s my story for today. I think its an important story not only for the cat but for your own peace of mind. There is nothing more sad than a kitty taken to the shelter because of something that could be fixed by a visit to the vet.

If you have any questions or would like to just make a comment please do so at the bottom of this post. Now have a wonderful day and do something green for the environment.

Don’t forget to check my Cat Care Products page for all your cat care needs.


Todays Helpful Hint

While I was preparing my Husky dog China’s breakfast I put her antibiotic pill on the cupboard. I turned away to do something and one of the cats came up and ate it. I phoned the vet and there is no problem, however if it was some other drug it could have been serious.

The lesson here is BECAREFUL with drugs and don’t let the wrong cat or dog eat it!



Rescue Feral Cats – For The Joy Of It

Feral Cat

Feral cat rescue is our cat lover’s way of saving a life, helping the environment plus ensuring there will be less unwanted kittens. There is definitely a joy in rescuing a feral cat even though it may not be much fun at times. So we rescue feral cats for the joy of it.

Meet Norbu

This kitty had been coming around the yard several times and we decided to trap him. I used a live trap that we used to catch other cats and it is safe and effective. Traps have to be monitored regularly so the what ever gets trapped does not get stressed due to weather or panic. Remember that when you set out a trap you might not catch your intended target. Have a plan so that if you catch a skunk or other wild life so you don’t get hurt.

Norbu (The name means Jewel) was captured on June 09,2018. I heard the trap rattling outside and sure enough we caught the kitty. This cat is a real feral cat and did not want to be handled. The adventure begins with getting him out of the cage. Actually when I opened the cage Norbu bolted and now he was impossible to catch. He was now loose in my garage and it took six days to finally catch him again. During this time I made sure the were no garage hazards for this wild cat to get into and he was fed regularly.

Feral Cat in Carrier

The interesting event was that he used the litter box right from the start. Cats are so polite. I caught him on June 15th and took him to the vet immediately. On the 16th of June he was neutered and I brought him home and he was isolated in a separate room. While he was at the vet he was tattooed, dewormed and vaccinated. Shortly after the neuter Norbu developed diarrhea. After 24 hours of watching this I took him back to the vet and it was discovered that he had bacteria imbalance in his gut, plus the surgery and the stress of being rescued all contributed to his diarrhea.

He was then placed on an antibiotic plus a probiotic. This will continue for a week. During this visit the vet and I concluded that Norbu is going to be officially listed as three years old. In another three weeks he will be going back to the vet for his booster shots.

During the last two days Norbu has been letting me pet him. This is the best part of socializing a feral cat. He is still defensive, but there is progress and I am sure he will learn to enjoy his rescue. I am sure that he does not see his captivity as a rescue or even much fun. He does like feeding time though. My friend rescued a feral cat and it took three months for him to socialize and now he does not want to even go outside. We must be Patient.
Patience must be practiced in many forms, bites, scratches and messes need to be handled with love.

What I Have Learned

I have rescued seven cats to date and Norbu has been the most feral cat I have handled. The first lesson for me is that I would not of let him loose in the garage. The garage is a dangerous place and I had to cat proof the building to eliminate the chemical hazards. When I caught Norbu to take him to the vet it was a wild cat tooth and claw experience to put him in the carrier.

I live in a small house and I do not have a quiet room for the kitty to hide in. This would probably be the best way to reduce the stress of a captured cat is to give him a quiet spot. Poor Norbu has to deal with continual noise and people presence.

The importance of the open litter box can not be underrated. The litter box is the key to your cats health and with a new cat with an unknown history this regular monitoring of the litter box keeps you informed of your cats health.

Bringing a cat with an unknown medical history in the clowder makes a period of isolation mandatory until you can be comfortable as to the health of your cat.

Trap Spay/Neuter Release

Vet and KittenA person probably adds ten years life to a kitty taken out of the environment. I personally do not agree with free roaming cats, however cat overpopulation is an ongoing problem. This where Trap Spay/Neuter and Release programs come into effect.

If cat owners sterilized their cats there would be less unwanted kittens and less stress on the environment and human temperament. Then there would be less of the inhumane methods of cat control.

I have had two cats now that developed post surgery complications. My little girl Roxanne developed and infection and needed antibiotics. Norbu developed diarrhea and required medical assistance. Sterilized cats require at least three weeks of monitoring before being released into the wild again in my opinion. They probably would have died without monitoring.

In Norbu’s case it has yet to be determined if he is going to be released outside. Manitoba winters are very harsh and I would rather see him in the house. If he will not get along with the other cats he will be put up for adoption.

I have invested $300.00 CDN into this feral cat with no regrets. His booster shots will add another expense. This is the cost of rescuing cats. When a person goes to the shelter and gets a cat for $100.00 or less you are getting a deal.

Should you decide to rescue feral cats be sure to protect your self. Norbu has bitten and scratched me. Handling a cat with an unknown medical history puts you at risk medically. Any loose animal carries the risk of rabies. When I first handle a wild cat I wear a heavy jacket and gloves and I am prepared for a fight. Be careful.

In Closing

Norbu is not that hard to work with. He is scared and needs a loving touch. My hat goes off to those that service feral colonies and rescue cats that need serious medical attention. We can’t save everybody but it sure means a lot to the ones we save.

That’s my story for today. If you can, adopt a cat. If you can’t adopt foster. If you can’t foster volunteer and if that’s not an option donate to a shelter. We have to protect those that can not protect themselves.

Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. Have a look at my Cat Care Products Page for all your cat needs. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I will respond as soon as possible.


A Reminder

It is summer in North America. I would like to leave you with this temperature chart and remind everyone about the dangers of leaving cats, dogs and babies in a hot car.

Temperature Chart






Pet Estate Planning – A Necessary Task

Tabby Cat

Pet estate planning is as necessary a task as preparing your own will. If you are like me my cats, dogs and horses are family. Because of that, should they find themselves without the required care and attention they would find it devastating.

In 2015 approximately 82,000 cats were taken to shelters in Canada. Of this number, only 57% of these kitties were adopted. If you leave your cat with no provisions for their care after your death it is quite likely they will not be looked after properly.

You Need a Will


Every living adult needs a will. A will is a direction you want your estate to take after you have passed on. Estate planning does not have to be complicated and a short afternoon with a lawyer will leave you with a document that is legal and trustable. The last time we had our will updated it took about an hour of our time and cost less than $100.00 CDN. I am sure prices will vary depending on where you live. There are Will Kits available, however, my lawyer advised against them. I am recommending getting professional legal advice when dealing with this important document.

Pet Trust

Within your will, you can set up a Pet Trust Clause. The Pet Trust will include the name and what kind of pet it is. The description should be good enough so that there is no confusion as to who we are talking about. Include tattoos or chip information.

Next, provide a date of birth so that an age expectancy can be calculated. The next step would be to determine the yearly estimated financial care the pet would require. It would be wise to consider that in the later years there would be additional medical care. It would be nice if you provided a biography of each cat describing personalities and anything noteworthy.  As we speak I am considering $100.00/month per cat for food and maintenance. When you are calculating your costs consider food, vet fees, grooming, treats and toys. With this calculation then you could decide how much of your estate would go to your pet.

Select A Guardian


The next step is to select a guardian. I really believe that the sooner you find a trustable person the better. Finding someone when you are desperate might not give you the desired results. Just as considering your own estate it is better to get this work done while you can still joke about it.

I personally would not trust an informal pet care agreement. Someone might just take your money and not look after your cat. This is where a legal will with a properly formatted Pet Trust Fund will take the worry out of what should happen to our beloved kitties.

I have seven cats. Finding someone to take all seven could be difficult. Fortunately, I have someone who will do that. In this situation, if the family has to be split up I would try to keep the bonded kitties together. I have a couple of cats that would not mind being alone. When selecting a guardian it might be a good idea to select an alternate name in case something happens and your first pick can’t comply with your wishes.

My lawyer advised against the home will kits. It is possible that someone may probate the will to prove that it is in fact a legal document. This could end up depriving your cat of their trust.

This Is Important

To me, this is an important task that needs to be completed without stress. I was at the local shelter today and I had the privilege of meeting several great cats. They all wanted to be handled and rubbed. It was like they were saying – Take Me Home. I can not see my cats going to a shelter. They would not enjoy missing their home and attention. By the time this becomes a serious factor in my life most of my cats will be seniors and we all know that senior cats are not the first to be taken home from the shelter. Fortunately, the shelter I visited today is a No-Kill shelter so these cats will be looked after until they are homed.

When You Go To The Shelter

Shelter Cat

When you are ready to adopt please consider the seniors, handicapped or black cats. They will love you as much as any other cat. Every cat that is adopted is a life saved. At some shelters as soon as a cat enters the facility they are put on the clock and if they do not get adopted they will be put to sleep. Please adopt.

In Closing

Planning for our family members is necessary. Depending on where you live there will be different factors to consider, especially costs, i.e. vet fees or legal counsel. This advice applies to any pet we consider family. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

A Reminder

Temperature Chart

It is summer in North America. I would like to leave you with this handy poster from the Ontario Provincial Police about leaving cats, dogs or babies in a hot car. To experience the effect go to the parking lot and roll up the windows shut off the car and see how long you will last.

That’s my story for today. Don’t forget to go to my Cat Care Products page to help with your Cat Care needs. Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. If you have any questions or comments please do so below.





The Cat For You In 2018

Shelter Cat

Should 2018 be the year to adopt or buy a cat there are lots of options to choose from. Let’s discuss a few of these options and see what fits your life style. It is necessary to mention that when you bring a kitty into your home it then becomes a family member. They deserve all the necessities of life including food, shelter and health care. How long is Cat Care? It’s forever and with that the decision should be a family decision and what a perfect time to teach children respect for animals and nature.

The Cat For You In 2018

The cat for you if you have never owned a cat before is the one that picks you. Of my seven cats 4 have been rescued from outside as kittens. My big ginger boy Tenzin came from a shelter. Lacy came from a friend and Grandma Lexi came free from Kijiji.

Lexi has picked my son as her boy. She goes to him to sit and be groomed. That is how a cat picks you. When you go to the shelter you will find a cat that will be attracted to you. This is a good candidate for your home.

Kittens will adjust well to a new environment and new people. Some older cats need time to adjust and will need their space until they are ready to be comfortable in their new home.

Preparing your home for a new cat is not that much different that preparing for a baby human. I would like to direct you to my Maintaing Your Cat page for more information. A good read is my post Toxic Plants For Cats. This is required reading as a toxic plant can kill your cat in 24 hours.

Required Equipment

Before you bring your new kitty home a few required items will make your transition easier. You will need a litter box. I recommend an open box so that you will monitor the box and clean it frequently. We are using both clay and pine litter. Both are good options. The pine has a lot less product dragged outside the box, however not all the cats like it. I have never had to litter train any of my seven cats. They all used the box immediately. The only thing I did was put them in it once so the would know where it was.

A cat bed is a good idea and maybe one with a top on it so the new kitty can hide if necessary. A cat tree is a necessary part of having a cat. It will give your cat a place to scratch, play and sleep. It will save your furniture. My Cat Care Products page has lots of cat care ideas for you.

This Armarkat Cat tree is the item I have. It is a great product and has lasted very well.

Please click on the picture to shop the Amazon catalogue and to view this item.

If You Have Owned A Cat Before

This discussion opens a lot of possibilities for an experienced cat owner. I also think that first time cat owners can benefit from this, its just might not be the right fit for the unsuspecting potential cat owner.

Senior Cats


This demographic can easily get overlooked when people are cat browsing. Senior cats can through no fault of their own can be in need of a loving and secure home. The shelter can be a terrifying place when a kitty has been used to a safe and secure home. The older cats may need a lot of time to socialize in a new home and may not have much patience for other cats or rough handling.

I really believe that senior cats need a chance to retire in comfort and peace. They will eventually socialize and can be as loving as any other cat. It is just necessary to be patient and give them space.

Handicapped Cats

Animal welfare

This groups of cats include the kitties with missing legs, eyes or some medical issue. These kitties get left behind and are not likely to leave some shelters. Please give these cats a chance. The handicapped capped cat does not know their are handicapped. They will play, cuddle and be as much a part of the family as any other cat.

FIV Cats

Feline FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) cats are fine to adopt and will live out their lives as long as any other cats. FIV cats are not a threat to humans and there is minimal chance of transmission to other cats unless there are open wounds or blood. It can not be transmitted through water or food bowls. I have a friend that has a rescue FIV cat and is living peacefully with several other cats. I encourage you to read my post on Feline FIV.

Bonded Pairs

I have seen recently where bonded pairs where separated at the shelter. The happy part of the story is that the new owner went back to get the other pair as the first kitty was lost without their soul mate. Yes, cats have feelings and form bonds. What greater privilege than one cat is to have two! My two kittens Ariel and Esther where rescued and raised together. They would definitely miss each other.

Rescue Your Own Cat

Mother Cat
Mum and Kittens

My friend Janet just rescued a feral female and within the week the mummy cat had four fabulous kittens. The mum had to be live trapped and is now in isolation until the vet visit. The kittens will be raised and at the appropriate time have their vaccinations, spay or neutering and then be put up for adoption. The mum will be spayed and that will be her last litter of kittens. She will then live out her life as a house cat.

I have been promoting cat rescues. There is nothing greater than saving a life and giving a cat a home. I have rescued cats of every age from kittens to seniors. I have never had the opportunity to rescue a FIV or handicapped cat, but I would if necessary. This does not mean that buying an expensive purebred cat is wrong. I would love to own a Maine Coon, American Bobtail or Ragdoll. These cats are wonderful and if they have a good home that’s just fine. Watch the shelters web pages for your desired breed of cat.

There Is No Such Thing As Just A Cat


What magnificence is the cat! All cats are special and deserve good homes. It’s people that are irresponsible and don’t provide the care and thought necessary to control cat populations. Animal abuse is a result of considering things more important that the living things of the earth. Some people should not have pets to look after especially if they are considered a disposable item to be dumped in the country to fend for themselves.

I am grateful to the veterinarians, rescuers, shelters that look to find homes and everyone that will take the time out of their lives to rescue a cat.

It is not just about cats, dogs, horses, birds and reptiles have all been dumped and abused. How long is animal care? It’s FOREVER.

Remember your pets in your will. Be sure that your family members have options should they ever be left alone. It’s heart breaking when your cat ends up in the shelter because there was no one to take them over.

That’s my story for today. Please check my Cat Care Products page for all your cat care needs. Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.


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I Love My Cat – Don’t Let Them Get Fat

Overweight Cat

Obesity in cats’ is becoming an ongoing problem. Today we will look at the factors contributing to feline obesity and what a person can do about it.

Poor diets and a sedentary lifestyle can promote obesity in cats’.

Recognizing Feline Obesity

To determine if your cat is overweight it is easy to start just by handling the kitty. By starting at the ribs a person should be able to feel the ribs under a thin layer of fat. As you look at your cat from above can you see a defined waist line? One of the obvious signs of an overweight cat is the side view. As your cats’ walks does their belly swing from side to side? There should be a defined line up ward line from the belly to the hips.

If your kitty is starting to get dirty at their back end this is probably due to your overweight cat not being able to reach around to clean themselves.

A visit to the vet is a good option at this time. Most overweight cats’ are a result of a quiet lifestyle and a poor quality and managed diet. The vet visit will rule out any underlying health issues and then it is the responsibility of the cat owner to manage a weight loss diet.

I love my cat and I can’t let them get fat. Overweight cats’ are at risk of several medical conditions including diabetes and just like us humans there are heart problems from carrying extra weight. Overweight cats’ have to carry excessive weight obviously which can lead to orthopedic problem such as joint issues and arthritis

Why Is My Cat Fat

Overweight Cat

I mentioned in the previous paragraph that a sedentary lifestyle and diet contribute to an overweight cat. Neutering contributes to this condition due to hormonal changes. Most of my cats’ are house bound with little exercise other than chasing each other and human interaction. I try to provide cat toys and cat nip to give them stimulation. Two of my cats’ are allowed outside on leashes with guided supervision.

As with humans weight control or lack of begins with diet and the quality of diet we consume. The difference being that humans can make conscious decisions to control their weight. Our cats’ need our input to have control of their diet.

The Natural Cat

If we consider the cat in a natural environment we would see that the cat would eat several small meals several times a day as a hunter. It is then better to consider feeding our house bound kitties 2 to four times a day of approximately 1 oz of food per meal. I personally use a good quality human grade wet cat food for our cats’. Follow this link to my Maintaining your Cat for two great articles on cat food.

Cats Are Obligate Carnivores


Cats must eat meat. It is a biological necessity as it is required by every cat to eat vitamin B 12 from meat sources. Cats do not have the carbohydrate- digesting enzyme, Amylase. This means that cats’ are not meant to be a carbohydrate consumers. Hence, the problem with never ending bowls of dry cat kibble. Dry cat foods have high levels of fillers such as flour and sugars to hold the dry food consistency. This puts our cats’ at a high risk of weight gain because of the cats’ inability to process the high carbohydrate content.

Cat Treats

Commercial cat treats are a poor reward. Grocery store cat treats are designed to be irresistible to cats’ and thus they crave them. Cat treats made from grains, food coloring, plus flavor enhancers are a recipe for adding to your cats’ overweight problem. Some cat treats may contain propylene glycol which is toxic to cats’. It is used to absorb excess water from processed cat foods. It is necessary to become a label reader to avoid giving our cats’ unhealthy treats.

We have trained our cats’ to demand treats. They vocalize for them and we naturally can not resist giving in. If we must give treats buy good natural products from a descent Pet Food store or we can prepare bits of cooked chicken or fish to satisfy our cats’ cravings.

This way we can control our overweight cats’ diet. Your vet will weigh your cat and at this point a person can decide the feeding schedule and amount for your cat. If you are feeding multiple cats’ it mat be necessary to isolate the fast eaters from the group and watch out for the one that cleans up all the left overs. My girl Lacy really likes to take her time and eat alone. My boy Soxs will push others out their bowls and I have seen him push my Husky, China out of her bowl.

In closing the diet topic when you have determined that it is time to start a weight reduction program the trip to the vet is the first point of contact. It must be resolved that there are no underlying health issues. Then a proper and gradual diet change is necessary with the required doctor visits and weigh in to check progress. No Crash Diets.


Overweight catIt is not that hard to give your kitties exercise. The laser light will provide hours of fun for your cat. Be careful not to shine it in the cats’ eyes and it should be used by a responsible person. Ball toys are a hit at my house and I have a couple listed on my Cat Care Products Page. With my seven cats’ there are lots of chasing among some cats’, while the older females are harder to amuse.

Today’s Featured Product

Today’s featured product is the Cat Exercise Wheel. Give your cat the ability to run indoors.

Please Click on the Picture for more information. This exact product may not be available in all countries.



That’s my story for today. The information provided here is for educational purposes and is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Please follow this link to my Cat Care Products page for your Cat Care needs.

Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.


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How To Rescue A Cat

Erin's cat
Erin’s Gus

Today at Cat Care we have guest cats from the state of New York. They are all rescues and they belong to H Erin Nelson, Published Author of the children’s Bibletoons series. Founder/Owner charity Bibletoons Foundation, Web Designer/Owner of WorldHorizons Web. Erin’s cat Calee is almost twenty years old. Sparkee is in heaven and greatly missed. Toulouse is three and Gus is four years old and as you can imagine Erin rescues cats and with that today’s post will be about How to Rescue a Cat.


Erins Cats
Erin’s Sparkee and Calee

How To Rescue A Cat

I would like to address this topic and start at a place of great need.


Erin's cats
Erin’s Toulouse and Gus

Shelters are overflowing and at capacity. Everytime a person adopts out of a shelter there is a life saved. Many shelters start a clock when many beautiful cats and dogs enter the facility and if they are not adopted they are euthanized. A good number of shelter cats are already well-mannered as they may be owner surrenders or a lost cat. It is heart breaking to see senior cats surrendered through no fault of their own wondering why they are not at home.

Shelters also have mums and kittens. It would be nice if some would bring the whole family home and then find them homes as they grow up.

Stray or Feral Cats

Adopting stray or feral cats can be more work, but every bit as rewarding. Of my seven cats four of them were feral. Three were kittens and one was an approximately two year old female. The kittens were easy. At less than a month old they just needed feeding and we let them grow up. They needed protection and isolation until they look after themselves from the dogs and senior cats. At the recommended time they were vaccinated and neutered/spayed and now they are family.

My two year old female was a very easy socialization to the clowder. She must have been dumped as she is very comfortable being in the house. She needed some protection from the senior females and within a couple of months every body got along fairly well.

This was my first experience with a female cat in heat. There was lots of yowling and extra attention from the neutered males. This ended when she was spayed.

Feral cat
Janet’s Raymond

My friend Janet captures feral cats and finds them homes. Some of these cats require patience as they can be very timid. Her boy Raymond spent three months hiding in his room. One day he decided he wanted to be cuddled and has been a fabulous house cat ever since. Raymond was diagnosed with Feline FIV and we will talk more about this later.

Janet also captured another adult male cat. He was a totally different kitty as his socialization was quick. He was adopted out to a wonderful home and even has his own Instagram page. When Janet catches feral cats they are vaccinated and spayed/neutered before they are put up for adoption. This is done at her expense and she does a thorough interview before they are let out the door.

Bringing a feral cat into your home can be more work and very rewarding at the same time. This is a perfect time to teach children about animal respect and responsibility. I think every child should have a pet. Something living that loves you back.

The Free Cat

One of my cats was a senior female that I found on Kijiji. Online classified advertising services are full of free cats. I was very fortunate that my Alexis is a healthy long haired beauty. She came with all her food and accessories including a cat tree.

Getting free cats like this can have its issues as there might not be any medical records or significant history. There can be fraud as some people try pass off some cats as a specialty breed.

Be careful and maybe you will be saving a cat that needs rescuing.

Adopting A Senior Cat


All seniors deserve to retire with dignity. Senior cats at the shelter are probably removed from the comfort of their homes and might not respond to you very well while at the shelter. Some senior cats have their own personality and may take months to socialize to your home.

I adopted Tenzin from the shelter. He was there for three months before finding his forever home. To this day he does not like to be handled too much. He loves to be brushed and petted, but his cuddling time is limited.

My Alexis is a 10-year-old female and prefers limited contact. We love her a lot and give her space as required.

Lacy is my six year old female and while not quite a senior she also requires her space. She likes to play and get brushed and her personality has had a positive development over the years we have had her.

Adopting senior cats requires patience at times and it is important to give them their space. Every kitty has their own personality and remember with love and patience their behaviors can change. Every time a person adopts a Senior cat you give them a chance at living long lives in a loving home.

Adopting a Handicaped Cat

Animal welfareHandicapped cats can be as rewarding as any other cat. Three legged cats, or cats with one eye are just as much a joy as any other. They will appreciate it.

Feline FIV cats are not a problem to adopt. They can even mix in with other cats with no fear of passing FIV to other cats. Please follow this link to my Feline FIV post for more information. Some people recommend that FIV cats be raised alone or with another FIV cat. Feline FIV is passed through the blood of open wounds. I have seven cats of various ages and there has never been blood drawn yet from fights. I personally would not be afraid to introduce a FIV cat into my clowder.

Which Cat Do I Want

Maine Coon
Erin’s Toulouse and Gus

Should you decide to bring home a shelter cat be sure it is a family decision. Then decide on who will spend the most time with the cat. Small children that want a huggy cat will influence your decision. When you go to the shelter spend time with the cats and pick one that fits your family. That cat will be family too. From kittens to seniors or handicapped any one of them can be great family members. Please do not separate the bonded pairs or maybe bring them both home. How can a person have only one cat?

I firmly do not believe in surprise pets. Giving someone a kitty that they will not appreciate is cruel. Many Easters bunnies are released into the wild after the novelty has worn off, same with kittens.

Bringing Kitty Home

When the kitty come home they will need certain necessities. A litter box is essential. A nice cat bed and a good grade cat food is a must. Acquiring a Cat Tree will be appreciated by both you and the cat as they will have a place to scratch and sleep plus leave your furniture alone. Follow this link to my Maintaining Your Cat Page for more information.

A veterinarian is a must. Follow this link to my Find A Veterinarian page for more information. One point that must be brought up. DO NOT be talked into CAT DECLAWING. This is a cruel and inhumane procedure that is still done to cats. It must be stopped as it does not benefit the cat in any way and is only for the benefit of owners. There are numerous ways to prevent cats from scratching. Read my Cat Declawing post for more information.

In Closing

Today’s topic of How to Rescue A Cat is not really that complicated. A little bit of study and some pre planning makes it a fun task. I think that getting cats out of the shelter is a necessity. I do not mind a bit if a person want a specialty breed cat. Check the shelters first then if necessary always buy from a reputable breeder. Remember when you adopt a cat it’s forever. As a care giver it will be your responsibility to give basics of life plus regular doctor visits and lot and lots of love.

Today’s Product

Today’s product is for those of you that allow free roaming cats. It is the TKSTAR Mini GPS Tracker for Small Cat Dog Pet Wifi Position Cat Dog Finder with GPS Collar TK911 in Black

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I am not a fan of free roaming cats for many reasons, but some kitties have to get out. This tracker should ease the stress of a lost cat.

That’s my story for today. If you would like to see my cats and their bios follow this link to the “Meet The Kittys Page“. Don’t forget to check my Cat Care Products page for all your Cat Care needs. Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. If you have any questions or comments please do so below.

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Feline Heat Stroke

Resting Cat
Resting cat

Spring has come and it is important to prepare our minds for the hot weather and protect our cats from Feline Heat Stroke or Hyerthermia. Dehydration and heat stroke is a very common and preventable situation, but despite all the warnings cats, dogs and babies are left in hot environments until it is too late. To gain an understanding of the experience go to a parking lot shut off the engine, leave the windows up until you can’t stand it. Now imagine somebody stuck in there with no means of escape.

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is a dangerous elevation of the cats body temperature. It can be brought on by environment such as being left in a vehicle or hot room. Cats only have sweat glands in their feet and around their noses. We should not forget that our kitties are furry creatures and this adds to overheating. Heat stroke can be fatal as excessive heat will damage the internal organs. At the point when the cats rectal temperature reaches 40.5 C (105 F) the cells of the kitty’s body start to rapidly die off. Then the brain swells causing seizures. A lack of blood flow to the gastro intestinal tract will cause ulcers. Dehydration will cause the kidneys to shut down, with all this happening in minutes. When your kitty starts showing signs of heat stroke it might be too late to save them.

Initial Symptoms Of Heat Stress

Black Cat

Initially symptoms to watch for are, is your cat restless as they try to find a cool spot to rest. Are the kitties feet sweaty or are they drooling. They will also groom themselves excessively trying to cool themselves off.

Signs Of Heat Exhaustion

Should the kitties body temperature rise above 40.5 C (105 F) the signs of heat exhaustion will be observed. There will be rapid pulse and breathing, very red or pale gums, vomiting or bloody diarrhea, redness of the tongue, weakness and muscle tremors, seizures, no urination, coma, dizziness or staggering, collapsing and lying down.

What To Do If Your Kitty Is Over Heated

Vet and KittenIt will be necessary to move your cat to a cool area, preferably air-conditioned. At the very least get the cat out of the direct sunlight. If the cat is awake or able to stand let them drink water. Don’t let them over drink as this might cause them to vomit resulting in dehydration. The next step is immediate veterinarian care.

Should the cat be having seizures, is unresponsive or unable to stand immediately start the cooling down process by using cool water. Start by putting water (cool, not cold) on the head and the back of the neck and on the belly and between the legs. Do not pour water down the cats mouth as it might fill the lungs, but get the tongue moist. An air flow such as a fan will speed up the cooling process. If possible bring the Temperature below 40 C (104 F) and stop applying cool water as this might cause blood clotting. I have read where some people recommend using ice. I would think that this might cause to rapid a cooling process. The best advice is to call your vet as soon as the cool down process is in place.

The Vet

kittenWhen your cats life is on the line your vet will have the best advice. At the vet office the cat will probably be put on a IV to help with temperature stabilization and minimize the organ damage. Organ damage might take several to days to manifest. Close monitoring and prolonged veterinarian care might be required. Follow this link on how to find a veterinarian.


To prevent feline heat stroke keep your cat out of the heat and let them have access to lots of water. If you have an outside cat enclosure be sure they have a shaded area to rest in as well as ample water.

My cats are afraid of any unusual noises. This unnecessary stress plus high temperatures can aggravate the effects of heat stroke. Cats with short faces such as Persians and overweight cats are more susceptible to heat stroke.

What would you do if you found a cat, dog or baby suffering in a hot car? The first step is to call 911 and explain the situation. If the event calls for immediate action I would smash the window and deal with the consequences later.

A cats normal body temperature is 37.5- 39.2 C or 99.5-102.5 F.

Temperatures are taken with a rectal thermometer. Elevated temperatures are as follows :

37.7 – 39.4 C (100 to 103F) is normal to slightly elevated.

39.4 – 40.0 C (103 to 104 F) is elevated and requires evaluation by a veterinarian.

Over 40.5 C (105 F) is potentially life threatening and requires immediate veterinarian care.

Feline High Rise Syndrome

Cats on Balcony

With spring here everyone like to have the windows and doors open for the fresh air. Cats love this too as its time to sit by an open window and watch the birds. The problem arises when the open window is more than one story off the ground.

Cats will unintentionally fall out of windows, balconies and patio doors as they instinctively jump at birds and insects. It is the responsibility of their care givers to ensure this does not happen by having screens in place to prevent falls. I have seen upper floor balconies screened in so that kitty can’t fall.

Falls can result in serious injuries and even if the cat does not get hurt they are landing in unfamiliar territory. They are lost and can’t get home. As we all know the urban environment is full of dangers, so let’s give special attention to our cats when we live up high.

Automatic Cat Door

Should it be required to let the cat have outside privileges this automatic cat door that locks and unlocks with a transmitter on the cats collar. This will let the cat come in when it hot or just when they want to. It also prevents unwanted guests.

These items from Amazon will fit the solution and nobody else can get in.

Please click on the picture.

This unit recognizes your cat with its unique identification microchip or RFID collar tag.


The unit below has the cat wearing a small magnet that doubles as an identification tag


That’s my story for today. Please don’t let any of our furry family get to hot this summer. Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. Please click on the following link and have a look at my Cat Care Products page for all your Cat Care needs.



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