Feline Heat Stroke

Resting Cat
Resting cat

Spring has come and it is important to prepare our minds for the hot weather and protect our cats from Feline Heat Stroke or Hyerthermia. Dehydration and heat stroke is a very common and preventable situation, but despite all the warnings cats, dogs and babies are left in hot environments until it is too late. To gain an understanding of the experience go to a parking lot shut off the engine, leave the windows up until you can’t stand it. Now imagine somebody stuck in there with no means of escape.

Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is a dangerous elevation of the cats body temperature. It can be brought on by environment such as being left in a vehicle or hot room. Cats only have sweat glands in their feet and around their noses. We should not forget that our kitties are furry creatures and this adds to overheating. Heat stroke can be fatal as excessive heat will damage the internal organs. At the point when the cats rectal temperature reaches 40.5 C (105 F) the cells of the kitty’s body start to rapidly die off. Then the brain swells causing seizures. A lack of blood flow to the gastro intestinal tract will cause ulcers. Dehydration will cause the kidneys to shut down, with all this happening in minutes. When your kitty starts showing signs of heat stroke it might be too late to save them.

Initial Symptoms Of Heat Stress

Black Cat

Initially symptoms to watch for are, is your cat restless as they try to find a cool spot to rest. Are the kitties feet sweaty or are they drooling. They will also groom themselves excessively trying to cool themselves off.

Signs Of Heat Exhaustion

Should the kitties body temperature rise above 40.5 C (105 F) the signs of heat exhaustion will be observed. There will be rapid pulse and breathing, very red or pale gums, vomiting or bloody diarrhea, redness of the tongue, weakness and muscle tremors, seizures, no urination, coma, dizziness or staggering, collapsing and lying down.

What To Do If Your Kitty Is Over Heated

Vet and KittenIt will be necessary to move your cat to a cool area, preferably air-conditioned. At the very least get the cat out of the direct sunlight. If the cat is awake or able to stand let them drink water. Don’t let them over drink as this might cause them to vomit resulting in dehydration. The next step is immediate veterinarian care.

Should the cat be having seizures, is unresponsive or unable to stand immediately start the cooling down process by using cool water. Start by putting water (cool, not cold) on the head and the back of the neck and on the belly and between the legs. Do not pour water down the cats mouth as it might fill the lungs, but get the tongue moist. An air flow such as a fan will speed up the cooling process. If possible bring the Temperature below 40 C (104 F) and stop applying cool water as this might cause blood clotting. I have read where some people recommend using ice. I would think that this might cause to rapid a cooling process. The best advice is to call your vet as soon as the cool down process is in place.

The Vet

kittenWhen your cats life is on the line your vet will have the best advice. At the vet office the cat will probably be put on a IV to help with temperature stabilization and minimize the organ damage. Organ damage might take several to days to manifest. Close monitoring and prolonged veterinarian care might be required. Follow this link on how to find a veterinarian.


To prevent feline heat stroke keep your cat out of the heat and let them have access to lots of water. If you have an outside cat enclosure be sure they have a shaded area to rest in as well as ample water.

My cats are afraid of any unusual noises. This unnecessary stress plus high temperatures can aggravate the effects of heat stroke. Cats with short faces such as Persians and overweight cats are more susceptible to heat stroke.

What would you do if you found a cat, dog or baby suffering in a hot car? The first step is to call 911 and explain the situation. If the event calls for immediate action I would smash the window and deal with the consequences later.

A cats normal body temperature is 37.5- 39.2 C or 99.5-102.5 F.

Temperatures are taken with a rectal thermometer. Elevated temperatures are as follows :

37.7 – 39.4 C (100 to 103F) is normal to slightly elevated.

39.4 – 40.0 C (103 to 104 F) is elevated and requires evaluation by a veterinarian.

Over 40.5 C (105 F) is potentially life threatening and requires immediate veterinarian care.

Feline High Rise Syndrome

Cats on Balcony

With spring here everyone like to have the windows and doors open for the fresh air. Cats love this too as its time to sit by an open window and watch the birds. The problem arises when the open window is more than one story off the ground.

Cats will unintentionally fall out of windows, balconies and patio doors as they instinctively jump at birds and insects. It is the responsibility of their care givers to ensure this does not happen by having screens in place to prevent falls. I have seen upper floor balconies screened in so that kitty can’t fall.

Falls can result in serious injuries and even if the cat does not get hurt they are landing in unfamiliar territory. They are lost and can’t get home. As we all know the urban environment is full of dangers, so let’s give special attention to our cats when we live up high.

Automatic Cat Door

Should it be required to let the cat have outside privileges this automatic cat door that locks and unlocks with a transmitter on the cats collar. This will let the cat come in when it hot or just when they want to. It also prevents unwanted guests.

These items from Amazon will fit the solution and nobody else can get in.

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This unit recognizes your cat with its unique identification microchip or RFID collar tag.


The unit below has the cat wearing a small magnet that doubles as an identification tag


That’s my story for today. Please don’t let any of our furry family get to hot this summer. Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. Please click on the following link and have a look at my Cat Care Products page for all your Cat Care needs.



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Preventing Animal Cruelty


Preventing animal cruelty is every ones business. Cruelty presents its self in many forms and today we will discuss how to help prevent animal cruelty and what can be done about it. I firmly believe in animal rights and it seems to me that at times things are more important than animals. Animal abuse is as vile as child abuse.

Feral Cats

CatIn a recent news article I read that there are 20,000 feral cats roaming Tallahassee, Florida. On average a female cat can have 1 to 8 kittens per litter and 2 to 3 litters per year. During her lifetime, one female cat could have more than 100 kittens. A single pair of breeding cats and their offspring can produce as many as 420,000 kittens in just 7 years.

Cats are blamed for destruction of wild life and property damage. Because of this feral cats are exterminated through various inhumane methods.

Thankfully rescues and private citizens work hard to alleviate the unnecessary deaths of many cats. Trap, spay and neuter programs help a lot. Some cats are finding homes. Some rescues can help with resources to help individuals rescue and fix cats. Please check with you local Rescues and Humane Societies for more information.

Unless you are a breeder all pet cats should be spayed or neutered. This would prevent many unwanted kittens and make lots of people happy. I have had four cats, two boys and two girls spayed and neutered. I have noticed that it takes three weeks before the surgeries have healed up enough that I do not have to worry about complications. My cat Roxanne developed an infection after the first week following her spaying which required veterinary intervention. I am convinced that when a person takes on the responsibility of a Trap, Spay and Neuter program there must be a plan in place to home these cats until they are healed.


Hording is a situation where a person has more animals than they can support. Perhaps as good intentions were demonstrated in the beginning the situation gets out of control. A lack of food, medical attention and an inability to maintain a clean environment results in a horrific conditions for those involved. Usually by time the appropriate authorities get involved there are many animals that can’t be saved. When clean up crews need bio-suits to enter the home there has been a problem long in the making.

Personally I don’t mind how many cats a person has. If they are looked after properly there is no problem. When the living conditions of the cats deteriorates I will call the appropriate agencies. The Police, Humane societies, animal control officers and vets will be your contacts when a person needs assistance.

Poor Breeders

Breeders that raise cats for monetary purposes only with no respect for the cats need to be shut down. It is the responsibility of every pet owner to speak up to bring an end to mills that are nothing but torture chambers.

Teach Children


Children have to be taught from an early age to have respect for cats and know when to give them space. Some cats do not like to be handled. I have cats that have taken years to allow themselves to be handled. Having a pet as a child is a perfect time to bond with nature and different animals. Every child should have a pet.

I believe that infants and toddlers should not be left alone with pets. Cats can play rough and when excited can cause injuries to a small child. It would be a shame if a cat or dog was abused because parents were not monitoring properly.


I have written extensively about Declawing. The cruel surgery involves amputating the distal phalanges of all toes on the front paws, and sometimes the rear paws as well. Please follow this link to the original article- Cat Declawing Facts. This gross act of animal cruelty must be STOPPED. It is being stopped by law in some countries. Contact your local politicians to see what can be done to ban cat declawing.


Dumping is where someone takes the family pet and drives somewhere and throws the cat out the door. I have three cats that were probably dumped. I can not fathom what goes on in the cats mind when they lose their home. Recently I took my Esther out for a walk on the leash. She didn’t like it and wanted back in the house. She knew her home.

Dumping is hard to stop. I have adopted my dumped cats. I keep my eyes open and I will rescue as required.

If you live in an apartment building keep an eye out as people move out and watch if they take their pets. Some people walk out and leave the pets behind to fend for themselves. This act is more common than you might imagine.

This short discussion on animal cruelty is incomplete and does not even describe the realities of this world. Most of us look after our pets properly. The segment of the population that values their things more that creatures of the earth are the problem. Laws help, but that only comes into effect after events have gone to far.

The best cure for the fight against animal cruelty is education and respect for the environment and the creatures in it. The cat overpopulation in Australia is man made. Now the cure is to kill and poison. A poor solution.

Every rescue organization or individual that steps up to rescue cats, dogs, snakes and jungle animals are heroes. Every kitty that is rescues is a life saved. If you rescue a cat think about adopting them. Should adopting not be an option try volunteering at a shelter and if you can’t volunteer think about financially supporting the facility.

The Day God Created the Cat, He didn’t do Another Thing Except Sit Down and Smile. It’s not scriptural but as a cat lover it sure is a nice thought!

That’s my story for today. Please follow this link to my Cat Care Products Page for all your cat needs. Don’t forget to use the Search Bar to find other interesting Cat Care stories. Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.













Birthday Cats




Today is April 14, 2018, and my senior cat Alexis is ten years old today. Alexis has been with us for a year and a half. I found her on Kijiji one day as a free cat. Lexi(Alexis) was living as a single cat with limited free roaming time outside. When we went to visit her she crawled up on top of me and at that point we decided to bring her home. The old parents gave us her cat tree and litter box plus her dry food.

We had no trouble putting her into the cat carrier and she had a pleasant ride home. She came from a home with two dogs and moved into a home with two dogs plus other cats. When we got home I put the carrier down and opened the door and she came out when she was ready.

I showed her the litter box and we fed her and then just let her socialize at her own pace. Some would disagree with this method, but I have found that with close monitoring this method of quick introduction has worked without too much stress. Lexi found a quiet spot and spent several weeks just being alone and coming out for litter box and food. We introduced her to wet food and she always had access to water. While she was being a recluse we kept a litter box that was close to her and was almost exclusively hers.

Adopting Adult and Senior Cats


Alexis has been with us for a year and a half. Adopting adult and senior cats requires patience. Nothing can be forced. She has gone from being a recluse to roaming the house at her convenience. She is a cautious and solitary cat.

Lexi would not be a good cat for a child as she will quickly let you know when she has had enough attention with a quick paw or hiss.

Health Issues

During her time with her previous parents she had not been to the vet. We gave her a standard vet visit with vaccinations. She was given a clean bill of health. Within the last few months Lexi started vomiting and this required a vet visit. Before the vet appointment we tried several weeks of human grade wet cat food. This worked for a while then the problem reoccurred. The vet visit did not reveal any significant health issues so we tried a vet recommended wet food plus probiotics to determine if she had food allergies. Again this worked for a while and she had some vomiting incidents. It was determined that it was necessary to restrict her rations and slow down her eating. This has been working well. We slowed down her eating by putting a golf ball in her bowl and this makes her work for her food.

Adopting Free Cats

Kijiji is full of free cats. Some are for sale, but there are lots of free cats. We had a good experience with our free cat, however there is no guarantee of the health or overall condition of these cats. Being a cat rescuer I would be hard-pressed to leave a cat. It is important to be prepared for what you might find. Be cautious.

The lady I got Lexi from was also cautious. She brought in a body guard to monitor the transaction. This was a wise decision as she was letting strangers into the home. The story had a happy ending as we got ourselves a wonderful cat.



Lexi is a wonderful cat. I am very happy I adopted her and she will live out her life in comfort. Adopting older and senior cats is something that should be considered whenever a person is looking for a new cat. Perhaps they will not be as cuddly and you will need to be patient, but remember you are saving a life.

My Tenzin was in the shelter for several months and it was hard on him. Older cats that get dumped or voluntarily dropped at the shelter go through emotional stress. This may take years to get overcome. It’s our job as cat rescuers to give these cats a chance to retire properly.

Are Cats Sensitive

Cats care. It’s that simple. One day Tenzin got his claw caught in a book binding. When he cried all the cats came to see what the problem was. The other night at bed time I was closing the sun room and while I was taking Lacy out Esther walked in. The door got closed with and the light was shut off. It was cold and dark in there and after a while I could hear something in the sun room. Ariel was at the door listening. When I opened the door Esther came out and after I sat down she came to me and talked for 15 minutes as if to say “Why did you Leave me in there?”.

Your cats love you and if you listen, maybe you will hear.


Happy Birthday Alexis

That’s my story for today. If you want a kitty adopt, and if you adopt please give the seniors, black cats or others that are rejected for who knows what reason a chance. You will be saving a life.
After you bring your cat home have look at My Cat Care Products page for all your kitty needs. Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.






Birthday Cats

Lacy’s Birthday


Today April 11, 2018, is Lacy’s Birthday. She is a six years old Tuxedo cat and has had an interesting life. Lacy was a rescue from a city shelter. Lacy was taken in by a little girl and through events of life had to move away and the kitten was left alone for long periods of time with only sporadic visits for food and water.

It was time to move her on and my friend and cat rescuer Janet asked me if I would adopt a cat. Lacy came to our house three years ago and the adventure begins.

As a lone spayed female who had limited free roaming privileges. It was a dramatic change for her to move in with a young neutered male. Soxs and Lacy did not get along that well at first.

Lacy’s three years with us and six other cats has been interesting as we watched her personality change. She did not like her new surroundings and to compensate she found herself a spot in the house to be alone. Lacy was not allowed outside because the rural area where I live is too dangerous. When she did move around the house, she kept a sharp eye on the door as she planned an escape.

Escape she did one day as I was fixing the door knob. She got out and headed straight for the bush. I could not chase her as I found that she is really fast. For two weeks we worried until we came up with a plan to recapture her. I put her in a leash not to long ago and took her out. Lacy was timid and I soon realized that she was not enjoying herself so in we went.

It was in the fall with cool nights, rain that we would see her around the yard at night. I put out a wild life camera to verify that she was still around. I was amazed that she stayed close to the yard. Then put out a live trap with food and one morning she was caught. The two-week drama was over to every ones relief. She lost a lot a weight and had bruised paws. A can of wet food and lots of hugs later we welcomed her back home. A person can only wonder what abandoned cats have to live through!


This was a point of dramatic change to her personality. She became much more sociable and quit hanging around the door. The other cats would bully her around and at one point she lost her appetite and was becoming quite lethargic. A late night vet visit revealed nothing so I concluded that there was too much stress from the other cats.

Lacy 2

Another personality change. She took control and no longer allowed herself to be bullied. She stands her ground and walks around with authority. Something I think that built her confidence is that I would rescue her and hold her if she was getting attacked.

Recently Lacy has gone to Rachelle for brushing and she even comes to lay with me on the chesterfield. It’s important to brush short haired cats too. Even short haired cats can have hair balls.

Lacy’s Three years have been interesting and observing how each one of our cats change as they get older and learn to live with people and dogs is an education. The three cats I have raised from kittens are fearless and the older rescued cats require patience with their socialization and require their own space so they can grow emotionally at their own pace.

Pets are family. Everybody is an individual and just like people show their love and needs differently. Remember they are totally dependent on us for the necessities of life and these lives are not expendable. Every day my cats make me smile. How Long Is Cat Care? ITS FOREVER

Lacy 3

Happy Birthday Lacy

That’s my story for today. Hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. Don’t forget to check my Cat Care Products page for all your kitty needs.



Tuxedo Cats

Tuxedo Cat

Today our featured cat is the Tuxedo Cat. Tuxedo cat is a name we give to cats that are predominantly black with white fur on the face chest and paws.   I have four Tuxedo cats. Along with Lacy there is Soxs, Ariel and Roxanne.

Tuxedo Cats

A Tuxedo cat is a bi color cat with a black and white coat. When you see a Tuxedo cat they appear to be wearing a formal black tie suit. Most tuxedo cats also sport a black mask. A true Tuxedo cat should have a coat coloring consisting of a solid black coat with white fur on the paws, belly throat, chest and on the chin. Two of my Tuxedos have a common black teardrop at the right eye.

The Tuxedo cat is not a breed of a cat. The tuxedo pattern can appear in many breeds of cats. The Tuxedo pattern is caused by a white spotting gene. Wikipedia states that the basic colors and patterns of cat fur are defined by fewer that 10 genes.

Cats with a white coat are believed to have a mutant white spotting gene that suppresses the formation of coat color in patches. There are three genotypes possible with the “S” or white spotting gene with the capital S representing a wild-type copy and a lower case “s” representing the mutant gene. One is the “SS” this grouping has two dominant Alleles(one of two or more alternative forms of a gene that arise by mutation and are found at the same place on a chromosome) resulting in a white cat. The second paring is “Ss”(one dominant, one recessive allele) pairing results in medium grades of white spotting. The third is “ss” paring( two recessive alleles) produces a solid color or low grades of white spotting.

I love my Tuxedo cats. Are they my favorite cats? That’s like asking which is your favorite child.



Soxs is my first Tuxedo cat. I found him in the wood pile in the back yard. When I found him he must of been only a couple months old. What a find! He is five years old now and is my official office cat. I take him outside on the leash, but his favorite place is in the office being alone with me.


Tuxedo cat

Roxy is my second office cat. She must have been dumped in the country because she adapted so well to the house and really does not like cold weather. She is my adventure cat.



This girl is turning six during this second week of April 2018. She was adopted from a single person that could not give her enough time. It must of taken her a year to finally be comfortable with us and her six other brothers and sisters plus two dogs. She escaped once for two weeks and it was stressful for every body. When she got back in the house she had a total personality change. She loves to cuddle now and comes for brushing.


Tuxedo Cat

Is Ariel a Tuxedo cat? Please comment. I found him in the back yard when he was 4 weeks old. Now he is a handsome medium haired cat.

Adopting Tuxedo Cats

I have read that Tuxedo cats stay in the shelters as long as Black cats. I do not understand the thinking sometimes. When you go to the shelter consider the cats that are slow to be adopted. My Tenzin was in the shelter for months. He is now a very handsome Ginger boy and loves his home. Please don’t overlook the senior cats as they need to retire gracefully too. I have seven cats two dogs and two horses. Lots of these family members are young and can easily out live me. We have provided for them in our will. It is so sad when owners pass away and the cats end up at the shelter.

If you can’t adopt, foster, or volunteer at the shelter. When these are not possible please consider financially supporting your local shelter. Some shelters are registered charities and will provide tax receipts.

Hint Of The Day

It was a nice day yesterday with light jacket weather and melting snow. I put the harnesses on Roxy and Soxs and out we went. Soxs didn’t like his feet getting wet. When I picked Soxs up he kind of panicked. If I didn’t have a jacket on there would have been some scratches.

Because cats are fast and skittish when you take your cats on the leash a person must be ready for any surprise. A firm hold on the leash plus the proper clothing so if you need to pick up your cat you will not get injured. A loose cat on a long leash is disastrous for the cat. Don’t let them get away.

Please click the link to my Cat Care products page for cat harnesses.

That’s my story for today. Tuxedo cats are great. Please consider adopting one. Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. Adopting a kitty saves a life and helps the community.

Don’t forget to check my Cat Care products page to help with tour pet needs.









Toxic Plants For Cats



Easter Lily

This past Easter season is celebrated by many people. To add some color to the early spring and brighten up the home new houseplants may be brought into the home. Some of these plants while being very pretty can be lethal to our cats. I read one horror story this weekend of a persons cat that ate a Lily and died in 24 hours. This prompted me to refresh every one on the toxic plants that can harm our cats.

The Easter Lily

Lily Poisoning in cats is a serious and lethal condition. The toxins in the plant will cause kidney shut down with the cat dying in as little in three days if left untreated. If a cat eats any part of the plant it will poison the kitty. Treatment must be immediate.

If your cat has eaten a Lily things to watch for are drooling, vomiting, loss of appetite increased peeing followed by a lack of peeing if left unattended and dehydration.

If your cat has eaten a Lilly call your veterinarian immediately to see if you should induce vomiting. When you go to the vet bring in a sample of the plant and also a sample of the vomit to confirm diagnosis. The toxins in the Lily attack the kidneys, blood and urine tests will be necessary to evaluate the kidney function.

Treatment consists of induced vomiting. Activated charcoal will be give to absorb any toxins in the gut and high volumes of intravenous fluids will be given to prevent kidney shut down. Fluids are administered for several days and urine output is monitored. A lack of urine is a sign that the treatment is unsuccessful. If the treatment is successful there seems to be no long term consequences.

The Lily that are of the greatest interest to the cat owner are : Easter Lilly, Asiatic Lily and Tiger Lily plus day Lily.

Calla or Arum Lily contain crystals that irritate the mouth and cause drooling, diarrhea and vomiting, but do not affect the kidneys.

Lily of the Valley will affect the heart causing low blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat. This could progress to coma or seizures.

To prevent all any problems with Lily just don’t bring them into the house.

Poisonous Plants for Cats

Here is a list of Non Pet Friendly plants. Norfolk Pine, House Pine, Croton, Jade Plant, Dwarf Rubber Plant, Azalea, Geranium, Aloe, Dracaena, Corn Plant, Ribbon Plant, Dieffenbachia, Giant Dumb Cane, Daffodil, Paper White, Calla Lily, Trumpet Lily, Yucca, Caladium, Elephant Ears, Cutleaf Philodendron, Hurricane Plant, Golden Pothos, Devils Ivy, English Holy, Amaryllis, Belladonna Lily, Tulip & Tulip Bulb, Peace Lily, Horsehead, Heartleaf Philodendron, Chrysanthemum, Daisy, Mum, English Ivy, Sweetheart Ivy, Snake Plant, Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, Anthurium.

Here is a list of Pet Friendly Plants

FlowerPony Tail Plant, Golden Cane Palm, Parlour Palm, American Rubber Plant, Zebra Haworthia(Cactus), African Violet, Baby’s Tears, Polka Dot Plant, Pink Splash, SpiderPlant, Ribbon Plant, Feather Palm, Swedish Ivy, Creeping Charlie, Sweet Alyssum, Boston Fern, Impatience Olant, Busy Lizzy, Maranta, Prayer Plant, Aluminum Plant, Gloxinia, Porcelain Flower, WaxPlant, Hens and Chickens, Climbing Begonia, Rex Begonia, Burrows Tail, Tahitian Bridal Vail, Cliff Brake, Button Fern.

An answer to your cats wanting to chew your plants is to purchase a Cat Grass Growing Kit. This will be a healthy alternative to chewing your houseplants. Here is an example from Amazon.

Please click on the picture.

I do not guarantee that these lists are accurate. They came from a credible source, however when ever you bring a new plant into the house please do a Google Search on the toxicity of the plant in relation to your pets.

Cat Declawing


I was recently involved in a chat room where one person was asking questions about how to keep a newly adopted cat from wanting to go outside. One suggestion from one of the readers was to have the cat declawed.

I was shocked and immediately posted my opinion. I am shocked that this procedure is still being done. Everyone who is considering declawing should first have one of their own toes or fingers removed to get an appreciation of what the cat is going through.

Cats that are declawed develop emotional and physical issues due to tender and altered paws. Using the litter box is difficult due to sore paws and then kitty is looking for a softer place to litter, like your bed or coat. Declawed cats can be more prone to aggressive behavior due to sore paws.

Cat declawing is a CRUEL and unnecessary procedure. Please click on this link to take you for a more complete discussion on Cat Declawing.

Adopting Older and Senior Cats


As I browse Twitter I see lots of senior and older cats going to shelters. Some of these cats came from happy homes and through no fault of their own end up at the shelter. The latest one I read the owner passed away and no one wanted these two beautiful kitties.

A solution to this is to have a will in place so that all pets are provided for. I personally have family members that can easily out live me. I think it is necessary to prepare while a person still has time.

So if you are looking for a cat from the shelter please consider the senior cats. They deserve to retire properly too. How long is Cat Care? ITS FOREVER


That’s my story for today. Remember to check your plants for toxicity and think about adopting a senior cat. Please check My Cat Care Products Page for items to assist with caring for your cat. It is possible to shop the whole Amazon store from my page.

No amount of internet advice is better than the advice from a Qualified Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Don’t forget to use the Search Bar on the home page to look for topics you might be interested in. Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.


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Cats And Easter


Kitchen Safety Precautions

With the Easter celebrations right around the corner it is time to review the kitchen and home precautions for our cats. The kitchen will be a busy place with guests and pleasing aromas. Your kitty will want to be right in the middle of it.

Home Precautions

LillyWith the season comes the decorations. New houseplants are part of every ones home. Are your houseplants safe for your cat. The Easter Lily is a toxic plants for cats. Other plants include Jade plants, Azalea, Geranium, Aloe, Corn Plant, Dieffenbachia, Daffodil and several others. When ever we bring a new plant into the house we always do an internet search to check for animal toxicity.


The Kitchen

This is where all the action happens. The Chefs are busy and they don’t need snoopy help. If you can’t tolerate kitty watching perhaps they should be isolated in another room. If you don’t mind the help take the necessary precautions to prevent accidents. Other foods to avoid for your pets are chocolate, tea, coffee, grapes and raisins. Uncooked yeast dough can be fatal. Hot stoves and oven door can cause serious injuries. I place pots with water on hot elements as they cool.

KitchenWith meat preparation it is best not to let the cats eat raw meat because of salmonellosis. This is a symptomatic infection caused by bacteria of the salmonella type. Do not let any pet munch on onions. This is due to an ingredient called thiosulphate which is toxic to dogs and cats. If your cat drinks cows milk you can expect a session of diarrhea soon.

Cooked poultry bones will splinter and pierce your kitties insides. Other foods to avoid for your pets are chocolate, tea, coffee, grapes and raisins. Uncooked yeast dough can be fatal. As your prepared food comes off the stove the cats will try to lick everything. Aluminum foils meat wrappings and plastic can be eaten by your cat with disastrous results. Cooked meat soaked string can be eaten by your pets. This will require a vet visit. If you see string hanging out of either end of your cat do not pull it as it could be tangled around something. This will require surgery. Be careful and have help with your pets. We all want to have a nice weekend that means not being at the vet.

Unattended cooking is a common cause of kitchen fires. If there is no one to watch the kitchen while you are out of the room shut every thing off. I think things in the oven are fine. Stuff on top of the stove can be dangerous.


Prepare your guests for your pets. Tell them ahead of time that you have pets then they can mentally prepare for the visit. I will not tolerate rough handling of my pets and I set rules. If you have a puppy that might chew strangers shoes have a place to store jackets and boots. I have found that if you feed your pets before your main supper they just might not hang around the table. With seven cats and two dogs I have had little trouble with meal time and guests if I feed the cats and dogs first.

The Bathroom

The bathroom must be clean and free of any cleaning chemical in order to be safe for your cats. I always keep the toilet bowl clean. The bath room also includes all your cats litter boxes. Be sure they are all clean and deodorized before your guests arrive.

Surprise Pets As Presents

FlowerThis season has some folks thinking that giving a kitten, puppy or bunny as a gift is a nice gesture. If this has not been prearranged and every body is on the same page giving a pet is a poor idea. After the Easter thrill has worn off bunnies have been released into the wild. This is cruel. Don’t do it.

How long Is Pet Care? – Its FOREVER.

Movie Review

I have recently watched the movie DUMA. This movie is set in South Africa and is about a young boy and his orphaned pet Cheetah cub. The movie is based on the book “How It Was with Dooms”.



It is a marvelous movie for the whole family. A great story, a good message and beautiful scenery.

That’s my story for today. I would like to thank everyone for reading Car Care. Please leave a comment below and if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.


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Reduce Cat Allergies

What Causes Cat Allergies


People with cat allergies are reacting to the Fel d 1, a protein found on cat skin. All cats produce this protein. The Fel d 1 protein is quite small. It attaches itself to the cat hair or skin and can linger for hours. All cats produce this protein. The protein is found in the kitties’ saliva, urine and dander or what is known as dry flakes of skin. Remember that cats are always grooming themselves and their saliva is all over their fur. Individuals with allergies can have an oversensitive immune system. Your body will then mistake the harmless items like cat dander for dangerous invaders and fight against them as they would a virus or bacteria. It should be noted that if you have an outside cat your kitty could be bringing pollen in from outside that you could mistake for an actual cat allergy. It is always recommended not to self diagnose and before you blame the cat consult your doctor.

Symptoms of Cat Allergies

Common symptoms of cat allergies can include sneezing, coughing, rashes, red and itchy eyes, a runny and stuffy nose. A visit to your doctor will confirm if in fact you have a cat allergy. This is usually done with a skin or blood test.

Control Of Allergies

I have noticed that a lot of advice on the control of cat allergies recommends reducing your contact with cats. If you are like me this is not an option as my cats are too much a part of my life. Some things that can be considered are air purifiers, basic house cleaning and wash your hands often. If you have to live with the cat and your allergies you can try not allowing the cat in your bedroom and handle the kitty as little as possible. It is recommended to bath the kitty often, however over washing will take the natural oils from the cats skin. I have a shampoo recommendation on my Caring for Senior Cats Post.

Allergies can controlled by some over the counter medications and nasal sprays. Before you self medicate see your doctor.

Best Cats For People With Allergies

Sphynx Cat
Sphynx Cat

Because all cats produce Fel d 1 protein there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic cat, however there are cat breeds that are better for people with allergies than others. Here is a list. The Balinese, Russian Blue, Bengal, Devon Rex, Oriental Short Hair, Cornish Rex, Siberian, LaPerm, Sphynx, Javanese.


Girl with cat

This new term for me “Zooeyia” (ZOO-ey-ah) is a recently invented word to describe the relationship of the human animal bond. It is probably not a surprise to anyone who reads this page today of the positive benefits of having an animal companion. Doctors say that if a child grows up with a pet here is less chance of allergies and I believe that there is more respect for nature and animals in general.

In return our animals expect to be looked after with food, shelter and protection. In a recent news article I read where in Ontario, Canada people are going to the country and dumping cats in farm yards or on the road.


This week I noticed that my little girl Esther was always looking at the door. I put her in a harness and took her outside. She did not like it! She ran for the door and wanted in and could hardly wait for the harness to come off.

The moral of this story is that house cats will not become good outside cats. When my Lacy escaped she lost weight and when she was recovered she did not want to go outside anymore. They will probably starve or be killed in any number of ways. They will be prone to disease and if they have had the cruel procedure of being declawed they will not even be able to hunt. I can not imagine the emotional shock of being dumped after living in a house.


Cat Care is FOREVER. Bringing a cat home must be a family decision. Animals as surprise presents or as a holiday celebration should be avoided. How many bunnies have been abandoned because the Easter thrill has worn off?

Adopting a cat is an important and serious decision. Are you ready for it.



That’s my story for today. This information provided here today is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your own veterinarian or doctor.
If you have any questions or comments please do so below. Don’t forget to have a look at the Cat Care Products Page for something to make your cat maintenance easier. Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.




















Cats And Essential Oils

Are Essential Oils Safe

Essential Oils

Essential oils are nothing new. The Ancient Egyptians invented the distillation methods and observed the medical benefits of essential oils. The Chinese, Indians as well as the Greeks and Romans had knowledge of essential oils.

Essential oils are botanical extracts of different plant materials such as flowers, leaves roots bark or stems. The word oil implies an oily substance, but in fact most essential oils are not oily at all. A lot of essential oils are clear while some oils are amber or yellow. It must be noted that essential oils are not perfumes, but are highly concentrated true essence of the plant it was taken from.

When your cat or your dog inhales the fragrance of the essential oil the molecules of the fragrance is taken in to the limbic system of the pets brain. The oil works there to promote calmness, mental happiness and general well-being.



They have to be used properly and correctly. An interest in natural medicine for people have also promoted an interest in natural cures for your pets. What this means is that cats and dogs, birds are susceptible to the missuses of essential oils. The reasoning that natural cures are harmless it should be emphasized that not everything in natures is complimentary and safe. Remember our list of poisonous houseplants that look and smell nice but are deadly to our pets. When one considers a cats small size and unique physiology its may not be obvious that essential oil treatments might do more harm than good.


Essential oils are processed through the liver. There is an enzyme called glucuronyltransferase and cats lack this liver enzyme. Because of this it is not recommended applying essential oils directly to the cats or use diffusers in the home. It may be noted that while your cat may not exhibit any symptoms of poisoning the effects of exposure can be cumulative. Cats should not be trapped in a room where diffusers are being used.

Therefore, all essential oils can present problems for your pets. Products high in 1,8-cineole, camphor, pinene, limonene, methyl salicylate, ketones, and phenols are especially dangerous. These include, but are not limited to, bergamot, camphor, clementine, clove, eucalyptus, fir, most species of frankincense, grapefruit, juniper, lavender (spike), lavandin, lemon, lime, mandarin, orange (including bitter, blood and sweet varieties), oregano, peppermint, pine, rosemary, sage, spearmint, spruce, tangerine, tea tree, thyme and yarrow. This list comes from an article on essential oils and should not be considered complete and I cannot guarantee its accuracy. The point here is if you are considering using essential oils in your home or on your pets it would be wise to CONSULT YOUR VETRENARIAN first. Any house bound pet must be considered when introducing essential oils to your home.

Observable signs of essential oil poisoning will be depression, weakness, muscle tremors as well as in coordination. Other symptoms may be breathing problems, vomiting, drooling or looking like they are trying to bring up a hair ball.

Today’s post on Essential Oils came about from a book I bought on these oils for your pets. As a skeptical layman I did more research and at that point began to wonder exactly what to do. I wanted to calm my new arrivals and calm down the established cats. I have come to the conclusion that with the proper veterinarian consultation some products are usable. While this post is directed to cat lovers, dogs, birds and reptiles can be equally at risk. We must educate ourselves to make the best decisions possible. In closing all the advice in the world does not over rule the advice from your vet.

That’s my story for today. If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below. Afterwards take a moment and have a look at my Cat Care products page.

Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.










The Importance Of The Veterinarian


How Often Should Your Cat See A Vet


The importance of the veterinarian in your life and your cat can not be underestimated. No amount of internet advice comes close to the quality advice from a trusted Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine. Your vet will provide the pet owner with proper care and treatment to ensure that your cat has the best health care possible.

Your vet will advise you on the proper visit schedule for cat. After the initial vaccinations and the spay and neutering is complete the usual procedure is to go yearly. Some clinics are now recommending vaccinations every two years. I personally agree with this as I think it is possible to over vaccinate. Elderly cats might need special attention. If your cat is allowed to free roam it will necessary to consider rabies vaccinations as recommended by your vet. Remember there is no cure for rabies after it develops and that’s for people too.

When your cat is healthy it is quite an easy job to look after kitty. Good quality food, clean water, a clean litter box plus some toys and love, your cat is happy. A healthy cat is easy to observe. If you grab a pinch of skin at the back of the neck and release it, the skin should fall right back into place. This means that your cat is properly hydrated. If your kitties gums are moist and pink your cat is probably in good shape.

Its times when your cat quits eating or has trouble going to the litter box, it is time to go to the vet. I always recommend to occasionally watch your cat go to the litter box and observe anything out of the ordinary. Crying when peeing or blood in the stool should be investigated immediately.

There is an abundance of medical information available on the internet. Internet advice usually tries to be all-inclusive and with that a layman can be overwhelmed with medical advice. It is important at this time to not self medicate without a vet consultation. I am hesitant to try homeopathic remedies without talking to a professional first.
Another caution is to not give your cat people medicine. Over the counter pain killers will do serious harm to your cat.

How To Select A Vet

Vet and Kitten


Selecting a vet is as important as selecting a doctor for your family. The office should be clean and the receptionist should be pleasant and knowledgeable. There should be appropriate certificates on the wall. The examination rooms should be clean and you should be able to attend the examination. The doctor that examines your cat should be gentle and have good bedside manner. If you cat has to be left overnight ask if someone checks on the patients through the night. Do not be afraid to get a second opinion or leave if you are not happy with the service. One feature I like is the 24-hour emergency phone number. I have used this more than once. The cost of veterinarian care can be expensive. If your cat is young enough there is health insurance available and your vet can advise.

Black Cats

Black Cat


With Marvel Studios releasing the Black Panther movie there has been an adoption craze of black cats. I sincerely hope that when someone adopts these cats it is realized that CAT CARE is forever and not a fad. I am happy when any cat gets adopted and finally the black cat is not a subject of fear and superstition. Let’s hope all these black cats get caring and loving homes.

The same thought comes to mind with the Lykoi or Werewolf cats. I hope that whoever owns these cats loves and protects them with the respect a cat deserves. My hope is that the Lykoi cat is expensive enough so that only responsible people own them.

I am an advocate of adopting cats and removing as many as possible from the shelters. It saves lives and reduces animal suffering. This does not mean that people should not buy from breeders. These cats are special too. It is the buyers’ responsibility to hold breeders to a high standard. Preventing animal abuse is every ones responsibility. No one should tolerate cat and puppy mills.

Hint For Today

I actually have two hints for today.

First hint: If your cat is eating to fast put a golf ball in the food bowl of wet food and let them work for it. What do you think?

Second hint: Salt Lamps are dangerous to your cat. Cats will lick the salt lamp and get sick and it may be lethal. Salt poisoning in cats can cause kidney damage. No salt lamps. Remember dogs can get sick from salt lamps as well.

That’s my story for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading this and if you have any comments please leave them below. Is there a topic you would like discussed, let me know. Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.