Rescue Cat Adoption

Todays great story about rescue cat adoption is that the kitty in the picture got adopted last night. Charlie has gone to a happy home with responsible owners. Janet captured Charlie on a viciously cold night just after Christmas and looked after him until his adoption. Janet is careful about who adopts her cats and does an interview with new owners. She also has an agreement to take the cat back if things don’t work out.

Buying Cats From Breeders

I am a big believer in Adopt don’t Shop. Shelters are full of wonderful cats and dogs that need a home. Some shelters put a timer on these precious lives as soon as they walk in the door. Twitter reminds me of this every day.

This does not mean that buying from a breeder is wrong. I love Maine Coons or American Bobtails. In fact I love all cats. The problem is buying from unscrupulous sellers. I have heard of people shaving cats and selling them as hairless cats or kitties with health issues. Another story is purebred cats without documentation. If I had purchased one of these cats I could not give it back. I would call it a rescue and learn a lesson from it.

The answer to this is to be careful and ask lots of questions. There should be veterinarian documentation or certificates of breeding. I got my big ginger girl from Kijiji. Alexis was a free cat. We had a phone conversation and an interview. I did my own physical inspection, checked her teeth and we came home. She then went to the vet to bring her vaccinations up-to-date. Two years later and all is well. Kijiji is full of free cats, please be careful.

Buying cats from breeders is not wrong. Research your contact. Ask lots of questions about health care and purebred documentation. If you can visit the facility that will give you good insight to the credibility of the breeder. If you decide to buy you will probably have to fill out registry forms and sign a contract. This is good. One last comment is to watch the shelters for the breed of cat you are looking for. They get surrendered or are captured as strays. If you can get a cat out of the shelter you have saved a life.

Hint Of The Day

Hair Dye for people is inappropriate for animals.  A tragic story I read last week is someone dyed their little dog with human hair dye. The dog had to be shaved and suffered burnt skin. The puppy needed medical care and antibiotics for three months. Apparently the dog eyes were swollen shut. Not only is skin burning a problem, but ingestion from licking this poison is a problem. Don’t put hair dye on your pets.

One last thought on poisons. Be careful about the type of floor cleaner you use. Some of these quick wipe cleaners are very toxic. Read the labels and use with caution. Cats being meticulous groomers will ingest these products.

That’s my story for today. Hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. Rescue a kitty or puppy from the shelter. Don’t forget the seniors.

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