The Importance Of The Veterinarian


How Often Should Your Cat See A Vet


The importance of the veterinarian in your life and your cat can not be underestimated. No amount of internet advice comes close to the quality advice from a trusted Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine. Your vet will provide the pet owner with proper care and treatment to ensure that your cat has the best health care possible.

Your vet will advise you on the proper visit schedule for cat. After the initial vaccinations and the spay and neutering is complete the usual procedure is to go yearly. Some clinics are now recommending vaccinations every two years. I personally agree with this as I think it is possible to over vaccinate. Elderly cats might need special attention. If your cat is allowed to free roam it will necessary to consider rabies vaccinations as recommended by your vet. Remember there is no cure for rabies after it develops and that’s for people too.

When your cat is healthy it is quite an easy job to look after kitty. Good quality food, clean water, a clean litter box plus some toys and love, your cat is happy. A healthy cat is easy to observe. If you grab a pinch of skin at the back of the neck and release it, the skin should fall right back into place. This means that your cat is properly hydrated. If your kitties gums are moist and pink your cat is probably in good shape.

Its times when your cat quits eating or has trouble going to the litter box, it is time to go to the vet. I always recommend to occasionally watch your cat go to the litter box and observe anything out of the ordinary. Crying when peeing or blood in the stool should be investigated immediately.

There is an abundance of medical information available on the internet. Internet advice usually tries to be all-inclusive and with that a layman can be overwhelmed with medical advice. It is important at this time to not self medicate without a vet consultation. I am hesitant to try homeopathic remedies without talking to a professional first.
Another caution is to not give your cat people medicine. Over the counter pain killers will do serious harm to your cat.

How To Select A Vet

Vet and Kitten


Selecting a vet is as important as selecting a doctor for your family. The office should be clean and the receptionist should be pleasant and knowledgeable. There should be appropriate certificates on the wall. The examination rooms should be clean and you should be able to attend the examination. The doctor that examines your cat should be gentle and have good bedside manner. If you cat has to be left overnight ask if someone checks on the patients through the night. Do not be afraid to get a second opinion or leave if you are not happy with the service. One feature I like is the 24-hour emergency phone number. I have used this more than once. The cost of veterinarian care can be expensive. If your cat is young enough there is health insurance available and your vet can advise.

Black Cats

Black Cat


With Marvel Studios releasing the Black Panther movie there has been an adoption craze of black cats. I sincerely hope that when someone adopts these cats it is realized that CAT CARE is forever and not a fad. I am happy when any cat gets adopted and finally the black cat is not a subject of fear and superstition. Let’s hope all these black cats get caring and loving homes.

The same thought comes to mind with the Lykoi or Werewolf cats. I hope that whoever owns these cats loves and protects them with the respect a cat deserves. My hope is that the Lykoi cat is expensive enough so that only responsible people own them.

I am an advocate of adopting cats and removing as many as possible from the shelters. It saves lives and reduces animal suffering. This does not mean that people should not buy from breeders. These cats are special too. It is the buyers’ responsibility to hold breeders to a high standard. Preventing animal abuse is every ones responsibility. No one should tolerate cat and puppy mills.

Hint For Today

I actually have two hints for today.

First hint: If your cat is eating to fast put a golf ball in the food bowl of wet food and let them work for it. What do you think?

Second hint: Salt Lamps are dangerous to your cat. Cats will lick the salt lamp and get sick and it may be lethal. Salt poisoning in cats can cause kidney damage. No salt lamps. Remember dogs can get sick from salt lamps as well.

That’s my story for today. I hope you have enjoyed reading this and if you have any comments please leave them below. Is there a topic you would like discussed, let me know. Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.


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