The Joy Of The Cat

The Joy of the Cat

Nothing brings a smile to my face more than coming in the house to see my cats sleeping, playing or just lounging in the sun. The joy of just being around cats can be difficult to explain to the layman, but the cat person will understand. Right now as I type this Soxs is resting on my arm and purring away. A picture of trust and compassion. All my cats are rescues. Everyone has a unique personality. They generally all get along until Esther torments Alexis and then we get some growling happening.

Cats have been living with people since the beginning of recorded history. They have protected granaries from rodents, they traveled on ships to keep rats away. Then they moved into the house to provide companionship and comfort. Along the way the have been worshiped and hated. The hated part comes from lack of compassion for living things and superstition. Its time to mention that all the superstitions about BLACK CATS is wrong. In this 21st century its time to put behind the medieval thoughts about black cats and move forward with our thinking. Black cats and dogs are left behind at the shelter just because of their colour. I am encouraged daily by people that take in all cats whether the are black, handicapped or FIV positive.

Most problems with cats start with lack of proper intervention. To many feral cats starts with free roaming  unaltered cats. I don’t believe in free roaming cats and unless you are a breeder cats should be spayed or neutered. An unaltered Tom will spray in the house and if you have ever lived with a female in heat you will understand why altering is necessary. When Roxanne was intact she went into heat and howled all night. By spaying and neutering you relieve the cat of routine natural cycles and they live longer by reducing the risk of diseases such as uterine infections and breast cancer in females and prostate and testicular cancer in males. Another benefit is the reduction of unwanted kittens.

I can not imagine having a house with out living things in it. My house is alive with plants, cats and dogs. My wife says I can’t bring the horses in the house and I suppose she has a point. Cats make me smile no mater what has happened through the day. Its true that cats add to the house cleaning program, but it’s worth it.

What I would like to see is empty shelters and cats with forever homes. When you think about adopting think about bringing home two cats, especially if they have been raised together. Please don’t over look the senior cats, black cats or handicapped kitties. They will love you for it. That goes for dogs too or bunnies, reptiles and birds.

Handy Hint

When you are grooming your cat brush under the tail and under the legs to prevent mats. For long haired cats clip under the tail so you can see the bum, this makes it easier for the vet to take temperatures and is easy to clean with a warm wet cloth.

That’s my story for today. Please leave a comment at the bottom. Your task for today is to hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.


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