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Welcome to Cat Care.


My name is Trevor. I have seven cats, two dogs and two horses. They are all rescues. If I would not have rescued them Soxs, Esther and Ariel would have died as kittens in the bush. Lacy and Alexis would be living lonely lives by themselves. Tenzin was stuck in the shelter waiting for a home. He was there so long he was developing emotional issues. Roxanne would have been thrown back into the snow. My dogs China and Sheba needed homes and my Percheron horse was going to be a baby factory and my Warmblood Belle would probably end up at the horse sale because she has crooked front legs. It’s just a cosmetic issue but no one wanted her.  The purpose of this website is to help someone with raising a cat from a kitten all the way up to an adult cat. I am going to describe my personal experiences with each cat and all the fun along the way. Owning a cat is not hard and after you get your routine established they are pure joy. Every animal that gets rescued gets to live a full life and reduces the impact on the environment and society. It should be noted that when you bring a fur baby into your home its forever. There are some things that if you have never owned a kitty before might shock you. I hope that this web site will answer your cat care questions and prepare you for these inevitable situations.





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