Rescue Cat Adoption

Todays great story about rescue cat adoption is that the kitty in the picture got adopted last night. Charlie has gone to a happy home with responsible owners. Janet captured Charlie on a viciously cold night just after Christmas and looked after him until his adoption. Janet is careful about who adopts her cats and does an interview with new owners. She also has an agreement to take the cat back if things don’t work out.

Buying Cats From Breeders

I am a big believer in Adopt don’t Shop. Shelters are full of wonderful cats and dogs that need a home. Some shelters put a timer on these precious lives as soon as they walk in the door. Twitter reminds me of this every day.

This does not mean that buying from a breeder is wrong. I love Maine Coons or American Bobtails. In fact I love all cats. The problem is buying from unscrupulous sellers. I have heard of people shaving cats and selling them as hairless cats or kitties with health issues. Another story is purebred cats without documentation. If I had purchased one of these cats I could not give it back. I would call it a rescue and learn a lesson from it.

The answer to this is to be careful and ask lots of questions. There should be veterinarian documentation or certificates of breeding. I got my big ginger girl from Kijiji. Alexis was a free cat. We had a phone conversation and an interview. I did my own physical inspection, checked her teeth and we came home. She then went to the vet to bring her vaccinations up-to-date. Two years later and all is well. Kijiji is full of free cats, please be careful.

Buying cats from breeders is not wrong. Research your contact. Ask lots of questions about health care and purebred documentation. If you can visit the facility that will give you good insight to the credibility of the breeder. If you decide to buy you will probably have to fill out registry forms and sign a contract. This is good. One last comment is to watch the shelters for the breed of cat you are looking for. They get surrendered or are captured as strays. If you can get a cat out of the shelter you have saved a life.

Hint Of The Day

Hair Dye for people is inappropriate for animals.  A tragic story I read last week is someone dyed their little dog with human hair dye. The dog had to be shaved and suffered burnt skin. The puppy needed medical care and antibiotics for three months. Apparently the dog eyes were swollen shut. Not only is skin burning a problem, but ingestion from licking this poison is a problem. Don’t put hair dye on your pets.

One last thought on poisons. Be careful about the type of floor cleaner you use. Some of these quick wipe cleaners are very toxic. Read the labels and use with caution. Cats being meticulous groomers will ingest these products.

That’s my story for today. Hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. Rescue a kitty or puppy from the shelter. Don’t forget the seniors.

If you have a question or comment please do so at the bottom.


Cat Care – Cats and Cold Weather

Cats and Cold Weather

This is Charlie. He was rescued in late December 2017 from low minus 30 c weather with even lower wind chills. Charlie is a timid cat and required to be caught in a live trap. So the question is, When is it to cold for cats outside. The answer is simple – If it is to cold for you to be outside its to cold for cats.

Cold weather is hard on felines and sometimes deadly. It’s even harder on kittens. Ears and feet get frozen. I have seen cats with frost bitten ears. Imagine if your ears froze. I froze mine once and it hurt like crazy.

This picture is of Charlie’s paw and you can see the cold damage on the pads. This picture was taken about two weeks after capture. Charlie is an adult unaltered male. When the amazing Janet captured him he was as I mentioned quite timid.  Even though he didn’t trust right away he used the litter box and didn’t mind being fed. Within two weeks he allowed Janet to handle him and is becoming more socialized all the time. The local humane society has a 50 % discount for cats that are fostered for rehoming. This includes neutering, vaccines and a FIV blood test. So for those of you who rescue cats be sure to check for assistance from the local humane societies. I want to remind everyone that a FIV cat is not a threat to you or your other cats. FIV cats will live normal lives. Charlie will be getting all the necessary medical attention plus neutering and be ready for adoption.

Capturing feral cats is not always easy. When live trapping be sure to check the trap regularly to prevent freezing the poor kitty. As with any feral cat an isolation time is necessary to prevent bringing parasites and disease into your house. A veterinarian visit is a necessity. I isolated Roxanne for three days and after her vet visit I introduced her to the clowder. Have a plan in place handle your new rescue. It might be necessary to go straight to the humane society. If you are going to foster your capture the socialization time might vary from quick to months.  Read Raymond’s story for how long it took him to trust people. Now he loves to be cuddled.

If you can’t capture your feral cat it possible to put up temporary shelters so they can get out of the cold. On my Find a Veterinarian page  I have a great picture of a outside shelter from Amazon. Shelters can be made from bales of straw. I have seen pictures of shelters made from plastic storage bins with a smaller one inside a larger one with insulation in-between the tubs and a door cut in the side.  Shelters need blankets or mats on the floor. It is possible to purchase heated pet mats to put inside these shelters. There are also various heated bowls for cold weather shelters. The double bowl illustrated here may not be necessary if you feed dry food to your rescue.

It’s great when people go out of their way to rescue these wonderful creatures. If you can’t rescue please call someone to help these cats. I always recommend finding no-kill shelters for your rescues if you don’t find a home on you own. Remember if it’s to cold for you outside its to cold for the kitty, Same goes for dogs.

That’s my story for today. Please hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. If you have a comment please do so below. Have a wonderful day.



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Cat Care – Why Spay and Neuter Your Pets

Why Spay and Neuter Your Pets

I have touched on this topic in other posts and while I discussed the events of the procedure I never really talked about the WHY.

The picture above is the Amazing Rufus. He was found on a cold night in town as an unaltered adult male. He was an amazingly wonderful cat. I had him neutered as part of his rescue. He died three months later from an unknown medical  issue. It was a sad day. He was those one in a million cats that you might not see again for a long time. The point of this discussion is while 99.9 % of spay and neuters happen with no adverse events, sometimes it might be best to leave things alone. Rufus never sprayed and always used the litter box. There was no one to get pregnant. At his age it might of been best just to leave him alone. This a rare case and if you find your self in this situation a consultation with a veterinarian is necessary plus some personal best guess judgement.  Now to the topic at hand.

Why should we spay and neuter our cats? I think the primary reason is to prevent unwanted kittens. It appears that the world is overrun with feral cats. Responsible reproductive management is necessary.

The spaying of females is an invasive surgery and should be done prior to the first heat or within the first year after birth. I have read where it can be done as early as eight weeks. That seems a bit young to me. Consult your vet. Spaying will prevent your cat from going into heat and you wont have to listen to howling all night. Female cats that are spayed are saved from uterine infections and breast tumors, which are malignant or cancerous. After your cat is spayed it will be necessary to monitor the surgery. Roxanne developed an infection and was still weeping after the first week. A shot of antibiotics was required and she recuperated just fine. Esther went through her surgery with no complications. After three weeks I was confident that the surgery was healed up properly.

The neutering of males is a straight forward surgery. All of my males recovered quickly with only minor licking of the wound. The surgery is not stitched to help with draining so it is open and it might be necessary for the cat to wear a cone for a while. We have not had to use this device. When Ariel was neutered he bounced back like nothing happened. Neutering males will prevent unwanted kittens, prevents testicular cancer and prostate problems.  It will also prevent spraying urine as an adult. This might be a little known fact, but unaltered adult males will kill kittens to keep females in heat. I have seen this with my own eyes. My adult neutered males never hurt the kittens and I was never worried to leave them alone.  

After surgery monitoring is necessary. I don’t let my cats run free so the are house bound anyway. Watch for swelling and infection and don’t be afraid to go back to the vet.

Hint for the Day

On my Maintaining Your Cat Page I have two great articles on Cat Food. Be sure to read the article on what goes into your cat food. The other article will help you read food labels.

That’s my story for today. Please hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. If you enjoyed this article please leave a comment below.



Shugar’s Story

Todays Guest Cat is from the south of Spain. This is a wonderful and must read story. The narrative here is as Michael wrote it.

Here is Shugar’s Story

Please let me introduce you to Shugar.

She was born in the spring of 2004, most likely in March.  I say most likely because she was born feral and her mother gave birth to the littler under an empty mobile home.  My mother lived next door and always watched out for the cats in the neighborhood.  They had a tendency to keep down the mice and other rodents so it was a benefit.  When this one was born, it was a bit of a surprise because as you can see, she was almost pure white.  When she was just a kitten, she had a yellow patch on her head.  All the rest was pure white.  Mother did not adopt her but only watched them from a distance making sure they were ok and occasionally throwing some dry cat food on the lawn (weeds) next door so the kittens could search for food.

When she was about 4 months old, Mother heard this little white kitten scream for dear life.  Mother raced out and found a large male had this little one by the head and was attempting to kill her.  Mother screamed at the large male and he released his hold.  In the split second he released his bite, the little one raced for the wire fence between him and my mother and jumped to the top of the fence and into my mothers arms.  So, the little one had adopted my mother.  For her safety and for my mothers comfort.

On a visit later that year, we talked about what her name should be.  I opined that she should be named Princes Luneria, thinking she was pale and white as the moon and I liked the idea of having
a princess in the family.  After all, I already had Queen Sheba, and Prince Vlad, why not a Princess.  Well this did not go over very well and when asked, Mother said “you will shorten it to Lunatic”.  I said “but she is”!  So Mother named her Shuger, figuring to shorten it to Shug.  (Notice the spelling difference between how Mother named her and her name now.)

Well, life was good for this little one.  She was always given a bag or box to play in and lived inside safe from any nasty old Toms.

Mother had a heck of a time getting her to eat right and to answer any kind of call.  She seemed to be completely independent and would not obey any commands.  She would always climb on the desk when Mother wanted to write a note and push anything in her way off the desk so she could lay down undisturbed.  She was always a source of amusement to my mother even when my mother was suffering with Cancer.

In 2010, my mother was diagnosed with Brain Cancer and had surgery.  I came, for obvious reasons, and while Mother was convalescing after the surgery, I took Shuge(a)r home with me.  I told the doctor that my mother needs to have someone tell her that she cannot drive anymore.  Surprising to me, Mother said it as well.  So after her recovery, I moved my mother in with me, a trip of about 700 miles, from her beloved Colorado, to the western side of Idaho.  While in my care, I found out that Shugar was profoundly deaf.  This is a trait common among albinos so I summarized that Shugar was albino since she had the tell tale signs of pink skin, pink eyelids and nose and pure white fur.  It is when I was visiting a vet in Idaho that I accidently misspelled her name on an official document and her name was changed to Shugar.  Sorry mother.

Before long, my mother passed, but Shugar stayed on.  She did have a friend in another cat of mine, Prince Vlad, who was almost pure Black.  This is the famous photo that my dear Taetske found and absolutely loved.

Now, Shugar is a world traveler, having managed to accompany me to the South of Spain.  She still has not quite taken to the country side because it is all a bit wild to her.  Back in Idaho, she had a secure back yard with very few intruders.  Here, she does not know what is around the bend.

She is going to celebrate her second Christmas this year and in March she will be 14 years old.  She has been diagnosed with diabetes so I give her insulin every meal but she is still a beautiful and loving friend


That’s our story for today. Hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. I would like to thank everyone for reading Cat Care. If you have any questions please leave a comment at the bottom


The Joy Of The Cat

The Joy of the Cat

Nothing brings a smile to my face more than coming in the house to see my cats sleeping, playing or just lounging in the sun. The joy of just being around cats can be difficult to explain to the layman, but the cat person will understand. Right now as I type this Soxs is resting on my arm and purring away. A picture of trust and compassion. All my cats are rescues. Everyone has a unique personality. They generally all get along until Esther torments Alexis and then we get some growling happening.

Cats have been living with people since the beginning of recorded history. They have protected granaries from rodents, they traveled on ships to keep rats away. Then they moved into the house to provide companionship and comfort. Along the way the have been worshiped and hated. The hated part comes from lack of compassion for living things and superstition. Its time to mention that all the superstitions about BLACK CATS is wrong. In this 21st century its time to put behind the medieval thoughts about black cats and move forward with our thinking. Black cats and dogs are left behind at the shelter just because of their colour. I am encouraged daily by people that take in all cats whether the are black, handicapped or FIV positive.

Most problems with cats start with lack of proper intervention. To many feral cats starts with free roaming  unaltered cats. I don’t believe in free roaming cats and unless you are a breeder cats should be spayed or neutered. An unaltered Tom will spray in the house and if you have ever lived with a female in heat you will understand why altering is necessary. When Roxanne was intact she went into heat and howled all night. By spaying and neutering you relieve the cat of routine natural cycles and they live longer by reducing the risk of diseases such as uterine infections and breast cancer in females and prostate and testicular cancer in males. Another benefit is the reduction of unwanted kittens.

I can not imagine having a house with out living things in it. My house is alive with plants, cats and dogs. My wife says I can’t bring the horses in the house and I suppose she has a point. Cats make me smile no mater what has happened through the day. Its true that cats add to the house cleaning program, but it’s worth it.

What I would like to see is empty shelters and cats with forever homes. When you think about adopting think about bringing home two cats, especially if they have been raised together. Please don’t over look the senior cats, black cats or handicapped kitties. They will love you for it. That goes for dogs too or bunnies, reptiles and birds.

Handy Hint

When you are grooming your cat brush under the tail and under the legs to prevent mats. For long haired cats clip under the tail so you can see the bum, this makes it easier for the vet to take temperatures and is easy to clean with a warm wet cloth.

That’s my story for today. Please leave a comment at the bottom. Your task for today is to hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.


Cat Care – Pet Urine Stain Removal

The pretty kitty in the picture is Alexis. Our story today begins with Lexi’s uncontrolled bladder functions and what to do with pee stains.

To begin with lets review why cats don’t use the litter box.

Is the litter box clean? Cats don’t like dirty litter boxes and will look some where else to pee, so clean regularly and keep the box with enough fresh litter to give them sufficient depth to bury their feces.

Is the cat scared? A newly rescued cat might not feel comfortable enough to use the litter box especially in a multi cat family. The answer there is to isolate the new cat for a while until the kitty is comfortable. Be patient.  Tenzin was like that for  a short time, He peed once out of the litter box when we first brought him home.

An unaltered male cat will take to marking his territory. The solution to that is to have the kitty neutered. I rescued a senior unaltered tomcat once and he was a magnificent boy. His name was Rufus. He was well mannered and  used the litter box from day one. I had him neutered and he died three months later. Maybe it was one of those times just to leave the cat be.

Is the cat sick? In Alexis’s case she developed a Urinary Tract Infection and was starting to pee where ever she sat. A trip to the vet, a clinical test and we went home with medicine. It was not until all the medicine was consumed that the problem went away. That was ten days worth of pills.

With my seven cats litter box training was relatively easy. Kittens had to be shown the box once and they were good. Some of the older cats had accidents. They are hard to avoid. This brings us now to the issue of clean up.

Pet Urine Stain Removal

Pet urine stain removal can be difficult at times. Uric acid the ingredient that causes the odor is not water soluble. this means that just water will not clean and deodorize the stain. Cleaners must be used. With items that are machine washable a soaking in vinegar for a minimum of five minutes and a wash with laundry detergent will get you started. I have had to wash blankets more than once to get the odor out.

A product that I recommend for odor/stain  removal is Natures Miracle Skunk Odor  Remover and Natures Miracle Urine Destroyer. I used the skunk odor remover with good success. Not only does the Skunk Odor Remover when used as directed work well on the pet, I have used it in desperation on furniture as well.  It might take more than one application.

As with all chemical cleaners care must be taken not to poison your pets. Don’t leave the product open for pets to taste. I also use Spay Nine for disinfecting hard surfaces with a water wash afterwards.

If you don’t have access to the above products here is a home made solution you might like to try.

You will need – paper towels or rags, a cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1 teaspoon of eco-friendly dish soap and a mixing bowl.

Cover the stain with paper towels or rags and press into the area to soak up as much of  the liquid as possible. Sprinkle a generous handful of baking soda over the stain. Mix together the hydrogen peroxide and dish soap and pour over the stain. Gently scrub the mixture into the fabric with a scrub brush or cloth and let sit for 10 – 15 minutes. Now vacuum the area thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

As with all stain removal products be sure to try the solution in a test  area to avoid unnecessary discoloration. I tried straight carpet cleaner on a vomit stain only to have a bigger yellow spot. The stain came out with proper cleaning.

The Natures Miracle Products have worked well for me. I truly recommend them. I prefer these products to the home made solutions. The above products work well on vomit and poop stains also. If you have a blood stain the hydrogen peroxide works well on carpets and fabrics. One last word on cleaners, some of the spray on floor cleaners leave a toxic reside on the floor that is picked up on the paws and is ingested during grooming . Be sure to read the labels and chose wisely.

I really recommend furniture covers. They save the furniture from scratches and its easier to wash a cover than clean a sofa. When Alexis was sick we put dog diapers under her blanket for extra protection. Regardless of the steps we go through to protect our furniture accidents happen and there will be stains and odors to deal with. Having some cleaning supplies handy will make the job easier.

That’s my story for today. Keep your cats healthy with regular vet visits and feed good food. It will be cheaper in the long run. So hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.



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Cat Care – How To Find Your Lost Cat

How To Find Your Lost Cat

Todays story begins with Lacy. That’s her picture above. When we adopted her, she did not like being with us and the other cats. She kept to her self and did not like being handled. She ate well though and used the litter box with no problems. What she did do was monitor the door all the time. With her previous owner she had outside privileges. One day while I was fixing the door knob  she escaped and was she fast. There was no way I could run fast enough to get her and she disappeared into the bush with what turned out to be a two week stressor. I had thought we lost her for ever. Living in the country has its hazards like cars, predators both flying and walking.

During her two weeks out at first we could not find her, then we started seeing her around, so she stayed close to her new home. She did not want to be caught. So here are my thoughts on how to get your cat back.

Tattoos and Microchips

The first step in cat recovery is having tattoos and microchips. A tattoo is obvious to see and should be registered with the vet. When someone sees a tattoo it’s the first sign that this cat belongs to someone. Next is the chip. If this kitty ends up in a shelter hopefully they check for microchips and find the owner. Micro chips are encoded with the pets information and have been successful in returning many pets.

If this is a new cat to you it’s possible this cat will wander. Social media, posters and looking around the neighbourhood will be the next step. If you have bonded with your cat look close to home. The cat just might hide in tiny spots right in your yard. I have two cats that will come to the house if they get scared. I have other cats that will panic and be probably hard to catch if they got free.

Cameras and Live traps

If your kitty is being difficult and hard to catch the next step is to find out where they are hiding. When Lacy got out I would stay up late and watch out the windows. I would see her and other cats. I put a wild life camera out and I found out that she would come to the front door. Here is an example of one of these cameras.

The camera confirmed it was Lacy and what times she would come around. When you are done this camera can be used for home security.

The next thing to do is the live trap. Here is an example of a set of two for different size animals.

These traps are safe and will not harm the captured animals. Set it up and learn how to use it. It might be possible you will catch something you don’t want like a skunk or racoon so learning how to quickly release the animal  will be necessary. If you trap wild life and you are not comfortable handling the situation call your wildlife control officer for help. Do not kill it. If it is a skunk you will have a very big and unpleasant clean up job! If you catch a stray cat your options might be to do a rescue yourself. I caught a stray cat once and when I released it the kitty moved like a beam of light and I never saw it again.

I put dry cat food in my trap. It worked and I caught my Lacy after two weeks. If you catch a stray cat I would recommend washing the trap to remove the scent and replace the food. I covered my trap with a blanket to make it look like a nice small hiding place. Be sure to set the blanket so it does not conflict with the trap mechanism. If it is really cold out check frequently so that if you trap somebody they don’t freeze to death.

Even though cats are hunters my Lacy lost a lot of weight from her two week vacation. Her front paws were bruised. It was late fall with cold rain some nights. After we caught her she had a complete personality change. She loved her first meal back in the house and became much more affectionate. There were times I though I lost her forever. A happy ending.  She has not been outside since. We watch the door a lot closer now and always do a cat count before bed.

Leash Walking

I take two of my cats out on leashes. We don’t go far or stay out two long. Soxs and Roxanne will want in when they get scared and I never leave them alone.

On my Products Page I have examples of harnesses. The vest style harness is what I recommend if you are walking a lot. The cat won’t get choked and you will have good control in an emergency.

When you are walking your cat with a leash hold the leash so you don’t drop it. Roxanne climbed a tree  with her leash once and wrapped the leash around branches. If your cat runs away with a leash attached the results could be lethal.

You might be surprized what spooks your cat. I recommend that you wear a jacket and wear gloves for the first few times with leash training. Holding a scared cat is painful if you are not ready.  I will wrap my arms around the cats body with their feet down and my other arm around their neck and body for good control. Get to somewhere quiet and get the cat relaxed.

That’s my story for today. I hope you never loose your cat. If you have any questions please email me at If not leave me a comment below. Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. The products I have shown here today might not be available in all countries. Please search Amazon accordingly.



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Cat Care – Dangers Of Second Hand Smoking

Dangers of Second Hand Smoke

When I was at work one day my coworker asked me if I knew why his cat quit meowing. I asked him if he smoked in the house and his response was that he did. He was a heavy smoker at work so this was not a surprizing bit of news.

The truth of the matter was that he was killing his cat with second and third hand smoke. Our pets in the house suffer because of the smoking habit. The dangers of second and third smoke are the same for pets as the are for humans.

Would you smoke in the baby nursery at blow smoke in the kittens face? The fact is that this happens every day.

Second hand smoke is the fumes from smoking that we can all smell. Second hand smoke is a carcinogen. Cats and dogs can suffer from the same cancers that humans do.

Third hand smoke is  the residual toxins that cling to clothes, carpets and virtually every thing in the house. Even the water bowls will become contaminated. Third hand smoke also resides on our cats fur. With cats being meticulous groomers they ingest all the chemical from smoking directly into their bodies.  Cats are twice as likely to develop malignant lymphoma than kitties that live in a smoke free environment. The smoker even contributes to the problem by rubbing third hand smoke contaminants into their pets with their hands.

To prevent nicotine poisoning the best method is to quit. Ingestion of any tobacco products can be lethal. All tobacco products should be cleaned up or disposed of. This includes butts, gums, snuff  and patches. Even vaping leaves contaminants. It would be beneficial to wash your hands after smoking.

Signs of nicotine poisoning in cats or dogs are vomiting or diarrhea. There can be a high heart rate, tremors, twitching, and possibly seizures. If you think you pet is suffering from nicotine poisoning see your vet.

In closing smoking and its related problems especially to our pets would be greatly reduced with consideration to those around us. Please clean up after yourself or consider quitting. Quitting is hard, I have seen tremendous struggles with those trying to quit. Your doctor can help. My friend with the sick cat quit after a battle with cancer. If you quit look at all the spare cash you will have.

That’s my story for today. If you have any questions email me at, or you can leave a comment below. Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.


Cat Care – Rescue Cats Adoption – Organic Cat Litter

Rescue Cat Adoption

Happy New Year everyone. 2018 is a clean slate ready to be written on. At Cat Care we are going to make a serious effort to improve the quality of life for cats. This is a picture of Phil. Phil was a late fall 2017 rescue. This little cat is one of three small kittens rescued by my friend Janet.

Phil has adjusted to his new home very well and gets along with the adult female cat that was already there. In the picture we can see that the kitty has a nice cat tree and a view of the outside. Janet was cautious with the rescue placement as we should all be when we find homes for dumped and stray cats.

When we adopted Tenzin I had to fill out paper work stating that I would provide proper care and not let him run free. I complied, paid the shelter fees and went home. The shelter then followed up to see if Tenzin is ok.  We sent back pictures and the shelter was satisfied that we were responsible owners. Tenzin just turned 3 yesterday.

All the cats I have rescued I have kept. I can’t give them up. They are family now. If I find more cats I will have to find homes for them as my house is at max capacity as we speak.

The process I am going to use for kitten placement will be something like this. If I spay or neuter the cat I will ask for vet fees. I don’t believe in free cats. If someone pays for something there will probably be more respect and care if there is a financial commitment.

The cats must not be thrown in the barn or allowed free roaming. There must be regular vet visits and vaccinations as required. I would provide training and a litterbox plus litter and a can of cat food. I would take the cat back if there is a compatibility problem in the new home. I would do follow up and check to see if the kitty is doing well.

I think it is a privilege to own a pet and there is no such thing as just a cat. This goes for every living creature we bring into the home. Living beings and plants in the house connect us to nature and provide health benefits both mental and physical. I can not imagine a home without the ability to touch a cat, dog or plants.  Every time we place or rescue a cat we save a life and improve the environment. A recent news article stated that there are to many feral cats in Canada. If more people would rescue, adopt or foster plus proper pet maintenance this problem would be reduced.

Organic Cat Litter

The organic cat litter pictured above is available in various packaging across Canada. We have use our first bag of these pine pellets. We are pleased with this product and we are going to order more tomorrow. I bought it from the local Co-oP hardware store for $8.97 CDN a bag. It has good odour control for both pee and poop. It is relatively dust free and there is very little tracking out of the box. When the cats pee in it the pee turns into dust at the bottom of the box as you scoop. Once a week we scoop out the good pellets and throw the dust out. The bag says the pellets are good for a month. The box is washed and the good pellets  are put back in. has examples of Pine Cat Litter. It looks to be similar and I have two examples on my Products Page.

That’s my story for January 01,2018. If you have any questions or comments please leave one below. Now its time to hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.