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Rescue Cat Adoption

Happy New Year everyone. 2018 is a clean slate ready to be written on. At Cat Care we are going to make a serious effort to improve the quality of life for cats. This is a picture of Phil. Phil was a late fall 2017 rescue. This little cat is one of three small kittens rescued by my friend Janet.

Phil has adjusted to his new home very well and gets along with the adult female cat that was already there. In the picture we can see that the kitty has a nice cat tree and a view of the outside. Janet was cautious with the rescue placement as we should all be when we find homes for dumped and stray cats.

When we adopted Tenzin I had to fill out paper work stating that I would provide proper care and not let him run free. I complied, paid the shelter fees and went home. The shelter then followed up to see if Tenzin is ok.  We sent back pictures and the shelter was satisfied that we were responsible owners. Tenzin just turned 3 yesterday.

All the cats I have rescued I have kept. I can’t give them up. They are family now. If I find more cats I will have to find homes for them as my house is at max capacity as we speak.

The process I am going to use for kitten placement will be something like this. If I spay or neuter the cat I will ask for vet fees. I don’t believe in free cats. If someone pays for something there will probably be more respect and care if there is a financial commitment.

The cats must not be thrown in the barn or allowed free roaming. There must be regular vet visits and vaccinations as required. I would provide training and a litterbox plus litter and a can of cat food. I would take the cat back if there is a compatibility problem in the new home. I would do follow up and check to see if the kitty is doing well.

I think it is a privilege to own a pet and there is no such thing as just a cat. This goes for every living creature we bring into the home. Living beings and plants in the house connect us to nature and provide health benefits both mental and physical. I can not imagine a home without the ability to touch a cat, dog or plants.  Every time we place or rescue a cat we save a life and improve the environment. A recent news article stated that there are to many feral cats in Canada. If more people would rescue, adopt or foster plus proper pet maintenance this problem would be reduced.

Organic Cat Litter

The organic cat litter pictured above is available in various packaging across Canada. We have use our first bag of these pine pellets. We are pleased with this product and we are going to order more tomorrow. I bought it from the local Co-oP hardware store for $8.97 CDN a bag. It has good odour control for both pee and poop. It is relatively dust free and there is very little tracking out of the box. When the cats pee in it the pee turns into dust at the bottom of the box as you scoop. Once a week we scoop out the good pellets and throw the dust out. The bag says the pellets are good for a month. The box is washed and the good pellets  are put back in. has examples of Pine Cat Litter. It looks to be similar and I have two examples on my Products Page.

That’s my story for January 01,2018. If you have any questions or comments please leave one below. Now its time to hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.


6 thoughts on “Cat Care – Rescue Cats Adoption – Organic Cat Litter”

  1. Hi Love the way you are helping rescue cats and also giving them to a caring home. This does so much in all aspects of life. The animal has a home, the owner as a best friend and the environment benefits too. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  2. Awesome, I hadn’t heard of this kitty litter before. I will recommend it to my friend for her cat. Do you know if it’s sold in the US? Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you for your comments. The cat litter I use is a Canadian product. I have found similar products at I have two examples featured on my Products Page. Thanks again for coming to CatCare and Have a Happy New Year

  3. Tenzin is a lucky cat. I wish all people would care for cats, dogs and horses as well as you are. We live in the mountains and cats show up to stay in our outside laundry-house for winter. Its warm and there’s always food and water. One of the neighbors cats left home and lives with us now, too. We have a couple others in the house, but as long as the wash house is there, all are welcome.

    1. Hello Joan. Thanks for the comments. I am glad you rescue also. During our last cold snap I just could not let anybody stay outside. My dogs were jumping on three feet in 10 minutes. Many blessing to you for 2018

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