Adopting A Senior Cat

Senior Cat

Today’s story is a true event about Gracie. Gracie is a verified 16-year-old female that we rescued from the local pound. This story is important because this senior cat would not have survived the pound without someone to rescue her. Adopting a senior cat gives them the ability to retire with dignity and comfort. We never know how much time we will have with them, but that is not a good reason to overlook them when a person is thinking about adoption.

Senior cats are as loving as any other cat. Gracie is a very calm cat. Some may not be as easy going, but with patience and time, they will come around. It might even take years.


Senior Cat
Gracie Pound Picture

This the story of a senior cat with a happy ending. Gracie was born on November 12, 2003. That makes her 16 years old this November 2019. This information is validated by her ear tattoo and I was able to talk to the veterinary clinic that spayed her. Gracie’s owner passed away and when she was checked on Gracie escaped and no one found her.

Gracie wondered as a stray for a long time. I have never seen a cat so skinny before. Her hips were visible and every rib and vertebrae stuck out. On November 15, 2019, she was picked up by the local pound and was listed on their website for adoption. The period from when she escaped until her being put in the pound is unknown.

During her stay at the local pound, she had a vet visit and got eye drops. It was determined that she needed dental work done and most importantly she needed a home. I received the FaceBook page showing the cats and dogs in the pound. Gracie was the only senior and was not receiving any interest in adoption.

I phoned the Animal Control Officer and made some inquiries then made an appointment to go for a viewing. I arrived at the Town Hall and the Officer brought this tiny carrier and inside was this matted, bad breath, skinny little cat. Her dandruff was so bad it made my pants white. She sat with me and I held her. I could not leave this wonderful little girl here. It was a free adoption with 15 minutes of paperwork and home we went. Gracie was adopted on November 28, 2019. I don’t think she would have got out of the pound alive. She has a home for Christmas.

Gracie talked to me all the way home. We arrived home and she ate a whole can of wet food. A bath was next and we groomed her as much as she allowed. I made a nice bed for her in the bathroom and now she sleeps in a screened cat playpen. She has her water bowl and litter box with regular meals.

I use a nice soft kennel similar to this item from Amazon.

A week into her adoption she looks better every day. Gracie has good energy and is quite calm. Her playpen allows all the other cats to visit and there has been some hissing. I let her sit on the chesterfield with me and I can see she enjoys her time out of confinement. Her breath has improved dramatically and when we get to the vet we will see what to do about her teeth. I recommend brushing your cat’s teeth if you can get it done.

Gracie At The Vet

Senior Cat
Gracie after the vet

Gracie went to the vet for a wellness check and to see if she was healthy enough for dental surgery. Her blood work showed that she was healthy enough for the procedure. She stayed at the vet and the next day her dental procedure was completed. She was left with three teeth and with this, her quality of life has improved. Her mouth will heal and there will be no more pain and discomfort.

Because of her age, she was slow to recover from the anesthetic. This required her to stay overnight for an IV and monitoring. By morning, she was ready to come home. Gracie is now in her shelter sleeping, eating and happy.

The Moral Of The Story


Senior cats, cats with disabilities, black cats are the last to be picked at the shelter. My senior cat Gracie needed a home and a second chance at life.

Adopting a senior cat may have some added challenges. My Gracie needed dental work and it was done. This kitty appears to be a strong girl and I have no doubt we will have a life together. We never know how much time we have with an adopted senior cat but to them, it is a blessing to live out their lives in love and comfort.

Gracie is a gentle cat. Her integration to my other eight cats will possibly be fairly straight forward. There will no doubt be some fights and we will get over that. Not all adoptions will be smooth, but with time and patience, most problems can be overcome. Naturally, most cats are timid in a new environment. We just need to give them stability and love.

In Closing

Animal welfare

Senior cats without a home is a tragedy. If possible give the senior, disabled, blind cats a second chance at life. Senior cats are as loving as any other cat. Whenever any pet is adopted it requires a commitment. Cat care is forever and this requires a quality of life and a financial commitment. Gracie’s dental was expensive and where I live is cheap compared to other parts of the country.

Because of health issues and age, senior cats get left behind, When I went to see Gracie I could not leave her at the city pound. Now she has a home for Christmas and I get a fabulous cat for Christmas.

Cat As Presents

Girl with cat

Remembering the fact that Cat Care is forever I want to remind everyone that bringing a cat (or any pet) must be a family agreement. Everyone must be on board with the decision and commitment to bring a life into the house. Too many cats get abandoned after an emotional conclusion without a serious emotional and financial commitment.

That’s my story for today. Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to hug a kitty and do something green for the environment. I look forward to your comments and suggestions. Please do so below.

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12 thoughts on “Adopting A Senior Cat”

    1. I really believe that senior cats need a closer look when a person is thinking about adopting. It also goes without saying that the handicapped kitties need homes too. Thank you very much.

  1. Good Morning Trevor,

    Your story and also your video made me cry but that was because I was happy that these 2 senior cats had found a loving home.

    I have had animals all my life and especially when I started to live on my farm in the south of Spain.

    I bought this old place in 1981 and renovated it over the years. During these years many cats and some dogs have accompanied me on my adventure.

    Every year when I fill in the new calendar I write the birthdays and the day of departure of my human and my fur-friends.
    Missu was my oldest cat. She came walking into the property in 1995. She sadly had to leave last year but I think she had a nice life here with me.

    Thank you, Trevor, for telling the story about Gracie.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Thank you Taetske for your comment. I love the fact that you have given cats and dogs the comfort of your home and company. The whole world needs this message. Gracie is getting more comfortable every day. Merry Christmas to you and your family

  2. Hi Trevor,
    Finally got a chance to read your article on adopting senior cats. Enjoyed it tremendously. My furbabies are currently sleeping and some are on their backs. I guess they are very comfortable here. Four cats on the cat tree and one next to our dog Vickie. Don’t you just love them to bits. Merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you Reggie, yes we love our kitties. Gracie had her first Christmas with us and I think she is happy. She is obviously relaxed and understands the rattling of the bowls. She deserved to be out of the pound and into a home. Every cat deserves a home. It is obvious that cats do not do well without a family. I wish you a fabulous 2020.

  3. Thank you for such an informative article and amazing story about Gracie. May your whole household enjoy a wonderful New Year 2020!

    1. Thank you Rose-Aimée for your kind words. Gracie is an amazing girl. She is becoming more comfortable and wants to explore the house. When she gets scared she want to return to her kennel. It is really wonderful to watch her.

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