Finding a Cat

Finding a cat is not hard. Of my seven cats, four came from the bush, two from private families and one from a certified rescue. So what kind of cats are the best? All of my cats are the best and to say one is better than the other would be hard to do. Let’s look at this issue in categories.

The Stray

I have had good luck with strays. Three kittens and one adult. They were all healthy and have given us no problems.  When you get a stray a veterinarian appointment is necessary. They will get all the needles, be dewormed and checked for various diseases. You will find that when you are done the cost will be comparable to a shelter cat by the time you are done for your first year. I must mention that when you have an incident like my Rufus ( see Meet the Kitties ) its hard to take and it could happen no matter where you get a cat from.

The Shelter Cat

The SPCA or Humane Society and any other certified institution is a great place to find a kitty. These cats have been checked, vaccinated and spayed or neutered. Occasionally during the year or during cat overload there are specially reduced prices for adoption. This is a good time to pick two so they have someone to play with.

The Free Cat

Two of my cats came from private families. Lacy was taken in from a family I knew. No Problems. A visit to the vet with vaccinations up to date and we were done. I found Alexis on Kijiji. This was an easy adoption. A 15-minute meeting asked a few questions. We picked up her personal items and were on our way. Alexis was eight years old and had never been to the vet. We took her to our vet and got the needles up to date and there has no issue to date except we were not told she was sensitive to hairballs.  Now I had cat care questions. Be careful with Kijiji and go with a friend. The lady we picked up Alexis from had brought in a friend as a bodyguard. It appears that Kijiji is full of free cats.

The Breeder

There are lots of breeders with lots of beautiful cats with big price tags. Do your homework, ask lots of questions and make your choice.

What is the best Cat to adopt

This depends entirely on who will spend the most time with the cat. If the cat is expected to interact with children when you go to the shelter handle the cat and see how they react. Children also have to be taught to give the cat space it requires or face the inevitable scratch. Kittens are nice because they have a clean slate and grow up with you. Old cats need homes too and should not be overlooked. FIV cats can be adopted but they are a special needs cat. They should be raised alone or with another FIV cat. Handicapped cats can be wonderful companions. Blind cats or amputees still can be wonderful pets.

There is no such thing as just a cat. Remember that shelters and rescue organizations need funding to stay open. Some facilities are registered charities and will give a tax receipt. If you cannot adopt think about supporting or volunteering at a shelter.