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Welcome to the Cat Care products page. I have included examples of items that cat owners may need. Click on the pictures and you can shop the whole Amazon site. Please search as required. If there is a product you would like featured email me at Thank you for shopping here.


Cat Trees

Armarkat cat trees are great. Well built and heavy. Our 16 pound cat has not knocked it over. Available through Amazon. Our Armarkat tree has held up very well. The only issue has been that the scratching ropes get torn.  This is a normal wear item. I am very pleased with our tree.

Natures Miracle – Skunk Odor Remover

This product is a life saver and should be kept on hand in the event of a skunk spray incident. It is easy to use with no other clean up required.  Just follow the instructions and a bath after and you are done. Good for all animals and clothing.


After my cat was diagnosed with gingivitis my vet recommended this product StrixND. I purchased this product from my vet and is available at most pet stores. My dogs don’t mind drinking it. The cats don’t like it.

Litter Box

This litter box is great with its high sides and open front. It comes with a scoop. I like this box because you can see what is going on and it will be cleaned often. I am currently using two of these boxes and I am pleased with them. They are big enough for my 16-pound cats but would be too small for very large-breed cats.

Bissell Little Green Pro Heat

This little cleaner is great for small jobs and vehicle cleaning.

Bissell Quicksteamer Powerbrush

This is a nice easy to use cleaner.

Bissell 1646 PowerGlide Pet Vacuum

I use a similar unit with very good results.

Spray Nine Cleaner

This product is a good addition to your cleaning supplies. It cleans and disinfects.

Cat Harness

Today’s products are cat harness. I am including two types. The first one is what a person would use when hiking and other outside activities. It also allows you to pull your cat in an emergency without choking the kitty. The second one is what I use around the yard at home in a low-stress environment.

Cat Carriers

I use examples of both hard and soft carriers. I like them both. I tend to use the hard carriers more as you can seat belt them in. I place the door so kitty can see me and we talk on the way to the vet.


A great movie about the street cats of Istanbul. I loved the cats and a look into Turkish life.

Furniture Covers

The item shown below is an example of the many covers available to the pet owner. From the wet dog to the shedding cat these covers provide good protection and are washable.

Grooming Tools

The double sided brush and knot comb are similar to the tools I use.  Be gentle and brush often.

Cat Beds

Every special kitty needs a bed. Here are three examples of the many beds available.

Hairball Treatment

I recommend this hairball treatment. I like this item as it contains no petroleum products.

Pet Seat Covers for Vehicles

Keep your vehicle clean with these washable seat covers.

Food Bowls

Nail clippers

These nice clippers come with an eBook guide.


A movie that should be seen at least once. Considered the most dangerous movie ever made. A magnificent display of large jungle cats

Cat Toys

Here are some examples of cat toys. My cats love the ball toys.

Pine Cat Litter

There have been numerous requests for a Natural Pine Cat Litter. I have been using a similar product that’s available in Canada. This product looks similar. Here are a couple examples for you to think about.

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More Interesting Sites

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If anyone would like their kitty featured on this Cat Care website please send me a picture with a short biography to Don’t forget the name.


10 thoughts on “Cat Care Products”

  1. Hey there,

    Thanks for sharing these awesome products. I have two cats at home and it’s a delight to go through your recommendations. I’ve been wanting to get them a cat tree to play around with but wasn’t sure where to get a good one. I’ll look more into the Armacat Tree you linked.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it. My Armarkat is a sturdy item. I will buy another one . Be sure to search the products and pick one with a match to your home.


  2. Thanks for this wonderful article on these wonderful cat products. Everything is so dog oriented these days, you hardly ever see anything about cats.

    I’d really like to watch those movies Kedi and Roar. Do you know if they are on Netflix?

    Also, I was wondering about the nail clippers. Which one comes with the e-book guide?

    1. Hello Barb, Thanks you for the comments  and for reading Cat Care. The clippers that are represented come with the eBook. They look like nice clippers with good Amazon reviews. The Movie Kedi is available on Netflix and Amazon . Roar is available on Amazon and ITunes. Have a wonderful day. Please hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.


  3. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pieces of information. i am actually in love with cats. and if i owned one i will definitely review your website. thanks again! great job!

  4. I was wondering if you could share more info about when is the best time to consider to use some of the products you mention. For example when is the best time to groom your cat? Is it better to use the brush only instead of using the comb and the brush? When is the best time of the year to use a cat harness?

    1. Hello Dira, Thank you for reading Cat Care. With grooming two times come to mind. One is when the kitty wants it. My Tenzin comes and demands to be brushed. We use both sides of the brush as he is a long haired cat. Its nice to watch him enjoy his time. The second time is when they are resting. They will roll over and want their tummies brushed. Be sure to do under the tail and under the legs to prevent matts. Use both side of the brush, be gentle. Even short haired cats should be brushed. This will reduce the hairball problem. On your second question, I don’t believe in free roaming cats. The harness should be used anytime you are outside. All year round. I hope that helps.


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