Cat Care – The Magnificence Of The Cat

This picture of Lacy is a perfect illustration of the magnificence of the cat. We adopted Lacy from a friend. Her transition to a new home was a bit of a shock to her and it took months of cautious walking and a two week escape from the house for Lacy to adapt to her surroundings. She now is comfortable within the clowder. She demands her space mind you and will tune up the kittens if necessary. At feeding time they all line up and wait for their bowls. Lacy likes to eat slow. When the bowls come out she goes to her favorite spot and takes her time. I think the key to her happiness is to just let her live. Petting and grooming was done in short spurts and she lets you know when she has had enough. At this time she comes for rubs and likes to play. Lacy enjoys catnip and long sits at the window. We keep her as an inside cat. Older cats like Lacy and Alexis need to adapt at their own pace. The transition can’t be forced. Both of two older females would not like being handled rough or taunted by a child. These are things that need consideration when picking a cat for a family. Older cats at the shelter need consideration as they are probably removed from a comfortable home and now stuck in a small kennel.  When looking for a cat please don’t overlook the old or handicapped cats.


I like cats. Its that simple. I have seven cats and they are all magnificent. I couldn’t give up any of them. They can make me smile at any time of the day or night. The highlight of my night is when Esther comes to bed and snuggles up beside me gives me a lick or kneads me and then falls asleep with her paw on my hand. I love listening to a cat purr in bed at night. What is so great about a cat? They are polite, agile, curious and elegant. From the domestic cat to the jungle feline, cats are magnificent.

Responsible cat ownership is our mandate. Proper feeding, regular vet visits, grooming and spay or neutering are how we participate in their lives. I don’t believe in free roaming cats. There are just to many hazards outside to be worth the risk. I could not sleep at night if everybody was not in the house. Of course cuddling and playing are just part the experience.

That’s my story for today. Hug a kitty and leave a comment. Do something green for the environment and check my Products page for cat toys.



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