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A cat carrier is an essential piece of equipment. The ability to transport your cat to the vet or a place to keep your cat safe in the event of an evacuation the cat carrier will become an indispensable item in your kitties life and your piece of mind. I have a cat carrier for every cat in my house.

The Cat Carrier

Cat Carrier

Cat carriers come in a variety of sizes and materials. Picking one is not hard, it is just a matter of picking one that suits you and your cat. Earlier I mentioned that I have a carrier for each cat. I have both soft and hard carriers. In the event of an emergency each cat gets a carrier and can be put in the vehicle easily. I once took a cat to the vet without a carrier, the poor kitty got scared and went under the seat. It was really hard to get the cat out. The last point I would like to talk about is that getting a cat into the carrier is not easy at times. I find the easiest method is to put a large towel over the kitty and wrap up the legs and just gently put them into the carrier. I recommend only one cat per carrier. Now lets look at some carriers.

Hard Carriers

This cat carrier is one of my favorites. Its hard design allows it to be seat belted in your vehicle. I like the fact it has a bolt together construction so if it is dropped it will not fall apart. It is available in a variety of sizes and colors to fit every cat in your home. It has a hard floor so a blanket or pillow will make it a little more comfortable. If you have multiple cats that need to travel together stacking hard carriers is acceptable especially in an emergency.

Please click on the picture for sizes, pricing and more options.

The example above is  collapsible and has good Amazon reviews. I have personally not used it, however I think it is a good item.

Soft Carriers

I like soft carriers because they easy to store. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Soft carriers will be comfortable for airline carry on traveling. Some folks prefer the soft carrier for kitty comfort. Some soft carriers come with seat belt loops for securing in your car.

Please click on the picture for sizes, pricing and more options.

I have several of these pictured above and the Amazon description states they are approved for airline travel

Here is a nice example of an expandable carrier

Wheeled Carriers

There are many examples of wheeled carriers. Please click on the images for more options.

Cat Strollers

The cat stroller is a fabulous item for taking that special kitty for a day out. I would have an escape proof harness on my cat and have them tethered in the carrier. We must always be prepared for the escape.

I have picked examples of strollers with big wheels. This will make rough terrain easy to navigate. Even though the bottom image has a cute puppy in it there will be enough room for your Main coon.  Please click on the images for more examples.

Cat Backpacks

The Backpack for cats is popular for the adventure cats in our families. Be sure to watch for signs of over heating when the sun is on your back. There are many examples on the Amazon  website.

In Closing

Cat carriers are a cat owners necessary piece of equipment. For the seasoned cat owner transporting your kitty is probably not a problem. For the newbie taking your cat to the vet or groomer can be an issue. When I take my carrier out the cats know somebody is going somewhere. I have to take Ariel to the groomer at the end of January. When I bring the carrier out Norbu will hide, Tenzin will run to the bedroom and Ariel will be on alert. I have had to put a towel over Lexi to get her in the carrier.

The point is that most cats will not like traveling. My kitties cry all the way to town so I put my fingers through the bars of the door so they can rub on me. Usually they don’t want to get out of the carrier when we get to our destination so I must be careful not to hook their legs in the door.

The next event that might happen is that the cat will bolt out of the carrier. Norbu got out of the live trap so fast I could not react. We must be ready for the escape. Be careful. It is possible that if your cat gets frightened in a strange environment and escapes you might not see them again.

We all have seen the videos where the kitty is calm and riding in the stroller or walking nicely on the leash. When I take my two tuxedo’s out on the leash and they get scared they will bolt and are very difficult to hold and all they want is to get back in the house.

My advice is that until you are 100% sure you can control your cat in an emergency you must be prepared for an escape. I recommend an escape proof harness and a leash and if you are using a stroller there must be the ability to either screen it or cover the carriage until the kitty calms down or the emergency is over. A domestic cat run 30 mph or 48 kph and when they are scared they will not be listening to you.

This my story for today. Please leave a comment or question below. Don’t forget to check out my Cat Care Products page for something for that special kitty. Click on the images for access to the whole Amazon website.


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