Preventing Animal Cruelty


Preventing animal cruelty is every ones business. Cruelty presents its self in many forms and today we will discuss how to help prevent animal cruelty and what can be done about it. I firmly believe in animal rights and it seems to me that at times things are more important than animals. Animal abuse is as vile as child abuse.

Feral Cats

CatIn a recent news article I read that there are 20,000 feral cats roaming Tallahassee, Florida. On average a female cat can have 1 to 8 kittens per litter and 2 to 3 litters per year. During her lifetime, one female cat could have more than 100 kittens. A single pair of breeding cats and their offspring can produce as many as 420,000 kittens in just 7 years.

Cats are blamed for destruction of wild life and property damage. Because of this feral cats are exterminated through various inhumane methods.

Thankfully rescues and private citizens work hard to alleviate the unnecessary deaths of many cats. Trap, spay and neuter programs help a lot. Some cats are finding homes. Some rescues can help with resources to help individuals rescue and fix cats. Please check with you local Rescues and Humane Societies for more information.

Unless you are a breeder all pet cats should be spayed or neutered. This would prevent many unwanted kittens and make lots of people happy. I have had four cats, two boys and two girls spayed and neutered. I have noticed that it takes three weeks before the surgeries have healed up enough that I do not have to worry about complications. My cat Roxanne developed an infection after the first week following her spaying which required veterinary intervention. I am convinced that when a person takes on the responsibility of a Trap, Spay and Neuter program there must be a plan in place to home these cats until they are healed.


Hording is a situation where a person has more animals than they can support. Perhaps as good intentions were demonstrated in the beginning the situation gets out of control. A lack of food, medical attention and an inability to maintain a clean environment results in a horrific conditions for those involved. Usually by time the appropriate authorities get involved there are many animals that can’t be saved. When clean up crews need bio-suits to enter the home there has been a problem long in the making.

Personally I don’t mind how many cats a person has. If they are looked after properly there is no problem. When the living conditions of the cats deteriorates I will call the appropriate agencies. The Police, Humane societies, animal control officers and vets will be your contacts when a person needs assistance.

Poor Breeders

Breeders that raise cats for monetary purposes only with no respect for the cats need to be shut down. It is the responsibility of every pet owner to speak up to bring an end to mills that are nothing but torture chambers.

Teach Children


Children have to be taught from an early age to have respect for cats and know when to give them space. Some cats do not like to be handled. I have cats that have taken years to allow themselves to be handled. Having a pet as a child is a perfect time to bond with nature and different animals. Every child should have a pet.

I believe that infants and toddlers should not be left alone with pets. Cats can play rough and when excited can cause injuries to a small child. It would be a shame if a cat or dog was abused because parents were not monitoring properly.


I have written extensively about Declawing. The cruel surgery involves amputating the distal phalanges of all toes on the front paws, and sometimes the rear paws as well. Please follow this link to the original article- Cat Declawing Facts. This gross act of animal cruelty must be STOPPED. It is being stopped by law in some countries. Contact your local politicians to see what can be done to ban cat declawing.


Dumping is where someone takes the family pet and drives somewhere and throws the cat out the door. I have three cats that were probably dumped. I can not fathom what goes on in the cats mind when they lose their home. Recently I took my Esther out for a walk on the leash. She didn’t like it and wanted back in the house. She knew her home.

Dumping is hard to stop. I have adopted my dumped cats. I keep my eyes open and I will rescue as required.

If you live in an apartment building keep an eye out as people move out and watch if they take their pets. Some people walk out and leave the pets behind to fend for themselves. This act is more common than you might imagine.

This short discussion on animal cruelty is incomplete and does not even describe the realities of this world. Most of us look after our pets properly. The segment of the population that values their things more that creatures of the earth are the problem. Laws help, but that only comes into effect after events have gone to far.

The best cure for the fight against animal cruelty is education and respect for the environment and the creatures in it. The cat overpopulation in Australia is man made. Now the cure is to kill and poison. A poor solution.

Every rescue organization or individual that steps up to rescue cats, dogs, snakes and jungle animals are heroes. Every kitty that is rescues is a life saved. If you rescue a cat think about adopting them. Should adopting not be an option try volunteering at a shelter and if you can’t volunteer think about financially supporting the facility.

The Day God Created the Cat, He didn’t do Another Thing Except Sit Down and Smile. It’s not scriptural but as a cat lover it sure is a nice thought!

That’s my story for today. Please follow this link to my Cat Care Products Page for all your cat needs. Don’t forget to use the Search Bar to find other interesting Cat Care stories. Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.













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