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Today is April 14, 2018, and my senior cat Alexis is ten years old today. Alexis has been with us for a year and a half. I found her on Kijiji one day as a free cat. Lexi(Alexis) was living as a single cat with limited free roaming time outside. When we went to visit her she crawled up on top of me and at that point we decided to bring her home. The old parents gave us her cat tree and litter box plus her dry food.

We had no trouble putting her into the cat carrier and she had a pleasant ride home. She came from a home with two dogs and moved into a home with two dogs plus other cats. When we got home I put the carrier down and opened the door and she came out when she was ready.

I showed her the litter box and we fed her and then just let her socialize at her own pace. Some would disagree with this method, but I have found that with close monitoring this method of quick introduction has worked without too much stress. Lexi found a quiet spot and spent several weeks just being alone and coming out for litter box and food. We introduced her to wet food and she always had access to water. While she was being a recluse we kept a litter box that was close to her and was almost exclusively hers.

Adopting Adult and Senior Cats


Alexis has been with us for a year and a half. Adopting adult and senior cats requires patience. Nothing can be forced. She has gone from being a recluse to roaming the house at her convenience. She is a cautious and solitary cat.

Lexi would not be a good cat for a child as she will quickly let you know when she has had enough attention with a quick paw or hiss.

Health Issues

During her time with her previous parents she had not been to the vet. We gave her a standard vet visit with vaccinations. She was given a clean bill of health. Within the last few months Lexi started vomiting and this required a vet visit. Before the vet appointment we tried several weeks of human grade wet cat food. This worked for a while then the problem reoccurred. The vet visit did not reveal any significant health issues so we tried a vet recommended wet food plus probiotics to determine if she had food allergies. Again this worked for a while and she had some vomiting incidents. It was determined that it was necessary to restrict her rations and slow down her eating. This has been working well. We slowed down her eating by putting a golf ball in her bowl and this makes her work for her food.

Adopting Free Cats

Kijiji is full of free cats. Some are for sale, but there are lots of free cats. We had a good experience with our free cat, however there is no guarantee of the health or overall condition of these cats. Being a cat rescuer I would be hard-pressed to leave a cat. It is important to be prepared for what you might find. Be cautious.

The lady I got Lexi from was also cautious. She brought in a body guard to monitor the transaction. This was a wise decision as she was letting strangers into the home. The story had a happy ending as we got ourselves a wonderful cat.



Lexi is a wonderful cat. I am very happy I adopted her and she will live out her life in comfort. Adopting older and senior cats is something that should be considered whenever a person is looking for a new cat. Perhaps they will not be as cuddly and you will need to be patient, but remember you are saving a life.

My Tenzin was in the shelter for several months and it was hard on him. Older cats that get dumped or voluntarily dropped at the shelter go through emotional stress. This may take years to get overcome. It’s our job as cat rescuers to give these cats a chance to retire properly.

Are Cats Sensitive

Cats care. It’s that simple. One day Tenzin got his claw caught in a book binding. When he cried all the cats came to see what the problem was. The other night at bed time I was closing the sun room and while I was taking Lacy out Esther walked in. The door got closed with and the light was shut off. It was cold and dark in there and after a while I could hear something in the sun room. Ariel was at the door listening. When I opened the door Esther came out and after I sat down she came to me and talked for 15 minutes as if to say “Why did you Leave me in there?”.

Your cats love you and if you listen, maybe you will hear.


Happy Birthday Alexis

That’s my story for today. If you want a kitty adopt, and if you adopt please give the seniors, black cats or others that are rejected for who knows what reason a chance. You will be saving a life.
After you bring your cat home have look at My Cat Care Products page for all your kitty needs. Now hug a kitty and do something green for the environment.






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