What Is The Best Premium Cat Food – Read The Labels

Here is a picture of Esther dining on dry cat food. After reading the link on the 13 best cat foods as shown in the Maintaining Your Cat page I read the labels of our current cat food. I thought I was feeding everybody properly, however much to my surprise this dry food was not that good. We have since purchased a dry food with better ingredients listed first. and no grains such as wheat and corn. We are giving our cats two feeding a day of wet food and a supplement of dry food. The cats really dug into the new food. The interesting thing is that they are producing two litres less cat litter per day now. The seven cats made six litres a day now we are down to four. When their bellies are processing the food they must be retaining more nutrients and not passing out all the filler. Read the link, learn to read labels. I really believe that the more money you spend on food the less you will spend on vet bills.

All the best,Trevor

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